Winter Trends Are Finally Here! But Are They Worth It?

//Winter Trends Are Finally Here! But Are They Worth It?
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As we head into cooler weather, some women are cuddling up in their favorite hoodies and fleecy joggers. Others have begun shopping for glam evening wear in anticipation of the holiday party season.

Most of us also need at least a few new pieces that fall somewhere in between, as well.

Here’s a look at the winter trends that are worth it and a few that are better left on the runway!

Cozy Knitwear

Ponchos, oversize sweaters, and even knitted dresses never truly go out of style. This winter, they’re cozier than ever before. Perhaps this is a nod to the Danish phenomenon of hygge. No matter the reason, this is one of the winter trends to embrace.

Galactic Themes

Shiny silver textiles, space-themed prints, star motifs, and sleek futuristic lines characterize this trend. It was recently showcased by fashion juggernauts Comme des Garon and Chanel.

It’s not quite the “final frontier” of winter trends, so certain aspects of the galactic look can be incorporated into everyday looks. Poofy silver dresses or outerwear that suggestive of a baked potato should be avoided.

Glammed-Up Sportswear

It all started with those pesky yoga pants. Now designers are taking athleisure wear to a whole new level. Leggings with prints, lace trim, geometric cutouts, and sheer panels have been seen in the gym and on the street for some time.

Expect to see sportswear becoming even more glamorous as one of the winter trends for 2017-2018. Think fur-and-sparkle-bedecked ski jackets, tracksuits in rainbow patterns, and fleece as a bona fide fashion choice.

Brace Yourselves…Retro Winter Trends Are Coming

Believe it or not, two of the most cringe-worthy fashions from the past are rearing their ugly heads again. 1980s style shoulder pads factored into recent designs from Balenciaga and Jil Sander. The high-waisted, light-denim pants known as “mom jeans” have gone from being lampooned on SNL skits to being featured on Instagram feeds.

We embrace every woman’s right to wear what she loves, so if these looks appeal to you, go for it! But most of us will probably steer clear of this particular stretch of Memory Lane.

Versatile Lace

Another perennial fashion choice that may ebb and flow somewhat, but that never truly goes out of style, is lace. Lace can be interpreted as romantic, sexy, bohemian, or classic. Lace tops, skirts, and dresses can be as appropriate for the boardroom as for the ballroom. It all depends on the design. Morning Lavender designs showcase lace’s versatility and modernity.

Brightly Colored Fur Coats

Prada, Fendi and Miu Miu all recently draped models in Technicolor furs. Perhaps they were trying to counteract the gray shades of the season.

But the coats all had outlandish shapes, multicolored palettes, and outrageous details. That made them resemble the residents of Sesame Street, rather than being a fashion choice for Fifth Avenue.

What Do You Think?

Will you be sporting any of these styles, or will you be sticking to your hoodies and normal office wear? What’s the silliest fashion trend you’ve spotted lately? Have your say in the comments!

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