5 Espresso and Coffee Machines Every Busy Women Needs

//5 Espresso and Coffee Machines Every Busy Women Needs
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Who runs the world? Girls. Well, girls and coffee that is. The combination of the two make for an unstoppable force.

Coffee machines can get you the start you’re looking for in the morning. But which coffee machine to purchase? When it comes to coffee makers it can be a confusing world out there.

From espresso machines to a great french press, your coffee options are many. Once you’ve discovered your favorite cup of morning glory, move quickly to find the machine of your dreams.

Once you’ve selected it, carefully consider when to drink your coffee, too. We’ve done the coffee research for you and have created the ultimate guide to the best espresso and coffee makers on the market:

1. The Cuisinart DCC-3200 14 Cup, One of the Best Coffee Machines

Truly, this coffee machine is the best of the coffee machines. This beautifully designed machine has an all-silver casing and is only 14 inches tall. It has a control panel that allows you to set the brew strength, plate warmth time, and when to auto clean.

But get this: you can set the auto programming timer right before you go to bed to automatically start your fresh brew a few minutes before you set your alarm. Yes, you can literally wake up to the smell of fresh coffee being made for you every morning. Need I say more?

Eliminate the need for man to make you coffee and buy a machine.

2. The Keurig K55 Coffee Machine

This stylish, compact option in the world of coffee machines is anything but entry-level. It lets you choose your brew size in three different forms. It can even brew tea or cocoa.

WIth LED indicator lights, the machine is about 13 inches tall and can sneak right under your cabinets. The machine looks modern and sleek and features a 48 oz water reservoir that allows you to make up to six cups of coffee at once.

3. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press

Yes, a french press is a little more work. But you won’t mind the additional labor with this beautiful press as you eliminate coffee machines and do the work yourself. It has a minimalist design and is very durable. It also has a stainless mirror finish and is very easy to use.

There are no chemicals leeched into your coffee with this option unless your water has chlorine in it. It has a double walled design that retains heat and keeps your coffee hot.

4. The Breville BES970XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This baby won the SCAA Best New Product Award in 2013, and for good reason. It makes espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. It is easy to use and makes some of the best in-home coffee on the market.

It has temperature control and even steams your milk for you. It’s a beautiful stainless steel appliance that you’ll be proud to have on display.

5. The Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Substantially smaller than the Breville, this option is a more affordable option that still makes fantastic espresso. It has a classic design but comes with advanced technology. It makes fantastic cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes.

Feeling like your old school coffee pod? This machine can make you a cup of joe with a basic coffee pod, too. It comes with a high-quality grind set that will give you amazing results. It also steams your milk. Want more espresso options? Check out these cool espresso machines.

A Fueled Woman

A fueled woman is not to be messed with. As women slowly take over the world, coffee is right there behind you to back you up. We almost had a woman president, women are (almost) being paid as much as men are, and women’s rights are finally being protected.

It’s the best time ever to be a woman. For more beauty, happiness, and lifestyle tips and tricks for highly-successful women, click here.

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