5 Comfortable Boots to ‘Fall’ For This Autumn

//5 Comfortable Boots to ‘Fall’ For This Autumn
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In today’s world, fashion is more important than ever.

Sometimes, it can feel less like an option and more like a requirement to post your latest outfit on social media. It also makes accessing the latest trends, and making them work for you, even easier.

However, you’ve likely noticed that functionality is just as important as form when it comes to recent fashion trends.

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and mobility to look good.

Case in point?

The following 5 trends in comfortable boots for fall.

1. White Boots

Thanks to top designers like Celine and Balenciaga, no one can get enough of white boots.

While in seasons past, it’s been all about the bold prints of the 1970s, this fall we’re seeing a return to minimalism. We’re also going back a decade, and springing into the swinging fashion of the 1960s!

Nowhere is that better exemplified than in the sexy and chic go-go-dancer white boots — yes, even in the fall or winter.

Pair it with a long duster sweater for maximum style.

2. Gothic Elements

Admit it — you’ve always wanted to dress like Wednesday Addams.

This season, you have the perfect chance to do it. Think industrial metal hardware and buckles, as well as laces that go all the way up to the top of your boot.

For a truly spooky vibe, opt for boots in dark black, deep purple, or even a metallic silver. Wear it with a long black hoodie or black dress with a white collar underneath.

Get your kids in on the fun of lace-up boots (and match styles with them!) by checking out the chunky boots for boys and girls on this clothing website.

3. Velvet Goldmine

One of the biggest trends in comfortable boots this fall?

Velvet material. Who can forget supermodel Gigi Hadid’s iconic red velvet boots?

We especially love these boots for their versatility. They can help to seriously dress up a pair of jeans and a rock tee-shirt (just like Gigi.) Or, they can help to bring a bohemian elegance to a long tiered skirt or dress.

Just make sure you keep them out of the rain or snow, as moisture can sometimes damage them.

4. Embroidered Boots

It seems like you can’t pass a storefront thee days without coming face to face with a pair of gorgeous embroidered boots.

These boots contain tons of different colors, which means they’ll be a statement-making addition to pretty much any piece inside your closet. Look for patterns containing birds, flowers, or just lines and swirls.

To keep you comfortable, always opt for a chunky heel over a stiletto option.

5. Lucite Heels

In the past few seasons, it’s been all about sheer clothing. Now, that trend has extended to fall boots!

You’ll love the funky playfulness of a pair of black boots with a clear lucite heel. To keep things comfortable, we suggest adding a padded insert. Or, look for options with rubber soles, which can help to take some of the pressure off your feet.

Rock These 5 Comfortable Boots This Fall

Thanks to this post, you now know the top 5 trends in sleek yet comfortable boots this fall.

Of course, you still need to plan the rest of your outfit!

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website for instant access to more fashion trends, to turn the sidewalks into the runway this fall and beyond.

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