5 Destinations for a Girls’ Weekend

//5 Destinations for a Girls’ Weekend
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You’ve called up all your best girlfriends and arranged for your neighbor to look after your cat. You’re all ready for a girls’ weekend – but to where?

There are so many places you can choose from, but you have limited time and money so you want to maximize both. Here are some relatively cheap girls getaway weekend ideas to consider that won’t break you or the bank…

Napa Valley

This wine region in California is the perfect place to sip some quality vino with your friends while taking in the beautiful rolling scenery.

Whether you choose to explore on foot, on a bike, or even by hot air balloon (yes, a company offers this in the area), you’re sure to have a relaxing time.

The Muir Woods are also nearby if you feel like taking a hike amongst some majestic trees.

Las Vegas

It’s hard to leave out Vegas when you’re thinking of rounding up the girls for some good-natured shenanigans. You can enjoy many shows and sites, and of course do some gambling if that’s your thing.

Vegas also offers many spas to spend the day at being pampered, so prepare to relax when you’re not hitting the strip.


Have you ever thought about going to Iceland? Now’s your chance. You can fly direct from many U.S. cities to this city that’s about 200 miles from Iceland’s capital, making it an ideal weekend destination.

There, you and the gals can marvel at the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) views while you bask in a natural geothermal pool sipping your favorite beverage. You might want to bring a camera for this one too!


This is the capital city of Ontario and Canada’s most populous city. It also has a lot to do year-round, even when the temperature dips and the snow starts falling. For example, if ice skating outdoors sounds appealing to you, then Toronto is your place.

Toronto has a great mix of cultures, which translates to lots of different types of restaurants to try. It also has lively shopping districts, museums, and galleries.

And, of course, no trip to this city is complete without hitting up the CN Tower, one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world.


If you’re really ambitious, you can board a longer flight to Japan to experience its unique and interesting culture.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to see a lot of what Tokyo has to offer in 48-hours. If you plan your stay right, you can experience the best of the city’s food, culture, and nightlife.

Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have any trouble booking hotel rooms for short stays. And let’s be honest, how cool would it be to tell your coworkers the following week that you escaped to Japan for a couple of days?

You Deserve a Girls’ Weekend

Sometimes you just have to get away from your everyday routine for a couple of days, so why not do it in an amazing place with your best friends for a girls’ weekend?

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