5 Creative Indoor Planter Ideas to Spice Up Your Floral Displays

//5 Creative Indoor Planter Ideas to Spice Up Your Floral Displays
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Did you know that having plants in your home can help improve your mental health, improve your productivity, and help to boost your immune system? 

Studies in Norway have shown that by having plants in the home, it could help to reduce illnesses by up to 60%.

Keep reading to discover these creative planter ideas that will look great and do great for you and your home.

5 Creative Planter Ideas

What if we told you there’s a way you can create beautiful planters by recycling your old possessions? That’s right, you can easily make your own cheap garden containers.

Have a look at our favorite creative planters to save money and the planet, and to spice up your house and garden.

1. Recycle Your Corks

If you’re a wine enthusiast who is looking for cheap planters, then you must try using a cork. All you need to do is hollow out a little hole in the middle of the cork, add some soil, and place some succulents plants in there. Succulents don’t need a lot of space for roots, so this option is great.

2. That’s Music to My Ears

Music lovers might be able to find an old, broken guitar lying around the house that they can use as a planter. You can either place a plant pot in the hole or cut the guitar in half and fill it with a selection of plants of your choice. Combine your passion for plants and music and have a totally awesome planter.

3. Breathe Life Back into Your Wheelbarrow

If you want a large planter that can feature as a centerpiece in your garden, you could always convert your worn wheelbarrow. Add some soil into the base of the wheelbarrow and fill it with your favorite seeds. This dashing planter will look great with an array of summer flowers in it.

4. Fashion Your Garden or Home

Before you think about throwing away old handbags and shoes, think about how chic your house or garden would look with a stylish planter. Plants are great because they can really grow anywhere. All you need to do is add some soil and seeds, and then watch as your old accessories help to bring new life.

5. Crockery o’Clock

Style your living room or dining room with some chic planters using your old pots and crockery. Anyone for a teapot of tulips? Not only will these planters look beautiful, but they can also be placed anywhere in your home.

Looking for some more inspiration for your home? Browse these cute home decor planters and plant stands that would look great in your house. 

Implement Our Creative Planter Ideas

Are you tired of your dull planters or do you want to add a spring of life to your home or garden? Then transform your spaces with our creative planter ideas, or use them for inspiration and create your own fabulous homes for your plants.

Find more inspiration for your home and garden with our other articles. And be sure to check out our health and style articles to ensure you look as good as your transformed home!

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