5 Basic Tools for Home to Make Your Life Easier

//5 Basic Tools for Home to Make Your Life Easier
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Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or wannabe weekend warrior, having the right tools for the job is essential. Yet, when you’re building your toolbox from scratch, how do you know which tools you need first?

All you need is to start with the basics. Having tools you’ll use frequently will save you money and get the job done right.

To help you get started, let’s look at 5 basic tools for home project use.

1. Screwdriver

Whether you need to assemble furniture or tighten a loose doorknob, a screwdriver is a must for any home. In fact, it’s a safe bet that a screwdriver will be your most used tool in the box.

To make sure you’re prepared for any DIY project that comes your way, have both a flat-head screwdriver and a Philips head. To go one better, a screwdriver set will give you every size screwdriver head you may need for any type of screw.

2. Hammer

When it comes to tools, it doesn’t get more basic than a hammer. Yet, the uses for hammers can seem endless in any home.

The flat side of a hammer allows you to drive nails into the wall to hang pictures. Use it to break up drywall or pound a piece of lumber into place.

The claw side lets you pry nails out of any surface. Its curved design allows for easy nail removal without damaging the nail or the surface.

3. Tape Measure

Any DIY project will require accurate measurements to get the job done right. Having a tape measure is one of the basic tools for home project needs.

Use a tape measure to make sure a new appliance will fit into the space. Measure the size of a wall to know how much paint you will need. Or even measure the precise position to hang a picture.

A retractable and locking tape measure will give the sturdiness you need to measure accurately. If you want something more high-tech, tape measures also come in digital form.

4. Saw

When your home project calls for cutting, having a saw will make your life easier. From hand saws, power saws, and scroll saws, there’s a saw that meets any need.

Hand saws are the most basic type of saws. They’re lightweight and useful for quick cutting. Yet, when you need something with more force, a power saw can cut through tough projects with minimal effort.

For more detailed cuts, a scroll saw rounds corners and makes the kind of intricate cuts regular saws simply can’t. Research scroll saw reviews to find one that’s best for you.

5. Putty Knife

Many people think putty knives are only used to spread spackle when repairing holes in a wall. Yet, there are more uses to putty knives than that.

Use it to scrape wallpaper or paint off of walls. Remove peeling caulk from around bathtubs and windows. Or repair cracks in the walls caused by the house settling.

Fill Your Toolbox With Basic Tools for Home Use

Start your toolbox off right. By knowing what basic tools for home projects you’ll need, you’ll spend less time at the hardware store and more time conquering your next project.

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