4 Safest Cities in Italy to Visit for Women

//4 Safest Cities in Italy to Visit for Women
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With its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and iconic architecture, Italy is the perfect spot for a holiday destination. What’s even better is that, as a whole, European countries have some of the best safety ratings.

Some cities within Italy go the extra mile to protect and cater to women. They offer a sense of safety alongside all of the wonderful experiences you hope to have while in this beautiful country.

When you’re next planning out your vacation, make sure these safest cities in Italy are at the top of your list!

1. Florence

Florence is a city alive with Renaissance history and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to view, and lots of shopping plazas to enjoy. Iconic stops include the Florence Cathedral and the Da Vinci Museum.

Florence has gone out of its way to provide women with opportunities, with some of the highest rankings in female employment, businesses owned by women. There are also countless social and health services that give women the help they need to be successful.

With all of these points in its favor, Florence is a stop every woman should make at least once in their life!

2. Venice

Located in northern Italy, Venice is a lagoon city which gives it beautiful water scenery alongside its architecture. Go on a gondola ride through the different canals and waterways, or visit the Byzantine mosaics.

At every turn, Venice offers plenty of beautiful sights for its women tourists. Make sure to check out the best tours of Venice to enjoy a specialized experience.

3. Verona

The setting for Romeo and Juliet is a place perfect for those of us who love romance. Venice embraces all love stories, offering sights such as Juliet’s balcony and the Lover’s Wall.

Venice’s vineyards surround the city and provide a countless number of rich wines that make your time there even more luxurious. It’s a wonderful place to relax and read all of the romantic stories that come alive in this city.

4. Milan

As a worldwide fashion icon, Milan is a women’s paradise. There are many shopping opportunities, as well as ways to learn more about the history of the fashion industry.

Striking architecture, such as the Duomo Milan, brings the sights to a whole new level of beauty. Watch an opera or a fashion show, or even walk down cobblestone streets and watch artists at work.

Milan embraces women and our culture, so make sure to visit during your next vacation!

Even the Safest Cities in Italy Are Full of Culture and Beauty

If you’re worried about missing out on something by going only to the safest cities in Italy, don’t despair. All of the cities in this list are full of character and history that makes visiting them all the better.

Despite the overall safety rating of the cities listed above, it’s always important to take precautions. Traveling with a friend and staying at reputable places, for example, are great ways to provide peace of mind while in a foreign country.

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