4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Massage This Week

//4 Reasons to Consider Getting a Massage This Week
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In 2013, 15% of people in the U.S. got a massage. Are you wondering if you should get a massage and would like to know the benefits of it?

In this article, you’ll learn all about getting a massage and why they’re so beneficial. Read on to discover the many hidden benefits of massages.

1. What Is Massage?

Massage gets seen as a general term for manipulating the skin, pressing, and rubbing it. It used to only be available in high luxury spas and health clubs, but now you can get them in airports, businesses, and hospitals to name a few.

There can be a range of how the massage is performed whether it’s deep pressure or more of a light stroking.

Some common types of massage are:

Sports massage-Similar to a Swedish massage, it’s for people involved in sports for treating or preventing injuries.

Swedish massage-This is considered a gentle form of massage that uses kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, tapping, and long strokes.

Deep massage-A deep massage uses slower but more forceful movement targeting deep layers of connective tissue and muscle. If you have muscle damage from an injury, this is a common massage.

Trigger point massage-A trigger point massage focuses on different areas of tight muscle fibers that can happen in your muscles after misuse or injury.

2. Benefits of Massage

How would you like to experience the numerous benefits of massages? Massages can reduce stress, it’s a great way to unwind and let all your current worries or troubles float away.

Some say they notice relaxation for days and sometimes weeks after a massage. Another benefit is improved circulation. When you loosen tendons and muscles, it increases the blood flow throughout your body.

This can lead to reduced fatigue and pain management when you have increased circulation. If you have back pain and haven’t felt how amazing your back feels after a massage, you’ll want to experience it. Any chronic stiffness too a massage can help relax it.

A massage therapist is a trained professional and can get in and improve any pain or soreness you’re feeling. It’s known as well to remove any toxins in your body because of stimulating the soft tissues in your body.

Improved sleep is another benefit since it encourages relaxation and boosts your mood. You can then feel less tired throughout the day since you’re well-rested. If you’re dreaming of keeping up in yoga, massage can also improve flexibility.

When a massage therapist loosens and relaxes your muscles, it helps your body achieve its full body potential. It has been known to improve depression and anxiety as well since it can release endorphins in your body which helps you relax.

Do you have post-surgery or post-injury swelling? It can help you safely deal with any pain from that experience. Some just enjoy getting a massage because it can make you feel calm and comfortable. Even though there are several benefits, it’s important to remember it’s not a replacement for medical care.

If you have any serious illness or disorder, always speak with your doctor before booking a massage. If you’re pregnant, speak with your doctor as well prior to going for a massage.

Most massages feel great and soothing. If you do feel pain or too much pressure during a massage, let your massage therapist know.

3. What to Expect When Getting a Massage

You don’t need to specially prepare before getting a massage. Before any massage, your massage therapist will ask you for your medical history, any symptoms or pain you’re currently experiencing. They will also ask you what you’re hoping to get from a massage.

In a typical massage, you either wear loose clothing or undress, lay down on a table, and have a blanket placed over you. Sitting in a chair fully clothed is another option as well.

Your massage therapist will then test to see any tense or painful spots. Many massage therapists use oils or lotions. If you’re allergic to anything, you’ll want to tell them prior to beginning.

It can last from 10 to 90 minutes depending on the time slot chosen. You should feel relaxed and calm after a massage. Sometimes you can have what’s called a knot, and while they’re loosening it up it could feel like extra pressure. If you feel pain let them know.

4. Finding a Massage Therapist

If you’re not sure who to go to you can always ask your doctor for a recommendation. Most states require massage therapists to have different licensing and regulations.

You can ask your potential massage therapist some questions:

  • What their training and experience is
  • How many massage sessions they think you’ll need
  • What the cost is and if it’s covered by health insurance
  • Whether they’re licensed, registered, or certified

Don’t hesitate to ask your potential massage therapist these questions because they’ll want you to feel completely comfortable during your experience.

Next Steps

Getting a massage should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Remember that if you feel any pain to let your massage therapist know. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving a relaxing massage and watch any stress float away. Imagine it now, soft music playing, dimly lit and relaxing room, and receiving a massage that not only could make you feel better physically but emotionally as well.

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