4 Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas for a Budget

//4 Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas for a Budget
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It can cost up to $30,000 to hire an interior designer. That’s excluding the cost of home decor items.

Don’t worry, we’ve got five interior design ideas that will make your wallet happy. Read on and make your space magazine-worthy.

1. Think minimalism

One of the easiest interior design ideas is to reduce clutter. Instead of a bookshelf overflowing with items, choose a select few pieces that draw the eye. You’ll find less is more when stylizing shelves, bookcases, glass-door cabinets and open surfaces.

Arrange your selections using various heights and textures. Leave some empty space so there’s no crowding. This way, you can revamp your space without spending a dime.

2. Find your focal point

Use the room’s natural focal point (such as a fireplace or a large wall) and enhance it. Wall art always packs a large punch and is easy to update. You can cut down on cost by buying from local artists. Find bargains at second-hand shops or make something yourself at a fraction of the price.

There are many DIY projects you can make that just need a printer and some tape. By enriching the room’s existing focal point, your space will look on point for less.

3. Avoid cookie-cutter interior design ideas

Neutrals can make a room feel boring. Add some personality with a whimsical accent or pop of bright color. Throw pillows, vases, decorative bowls and lamp shades are perfect ways to use trendy interior design ideas in any room.

Love chevron? Use it on smaller pieces that can be updated as trends or your taste change. Using bold patterns or colors on smaller items ensures that the room isn’t brash or excessively bold.

4. Create cohesive spaces

Take time to do some home interior planning to create the feel you want for your home. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same color choices for every room, but you should avoid jarring transitions from one room the next.

The palette for the entire space should work in harmony with the other colors you use. This will help you create a calm and peaceful home. Select one or two accent colors and use them sparingly throughout your entire space for a harmonious, magazine-worthy look.

5. Refresh for less

You can refresh your space using the latest interior design ideas without spending a ton of money. Instead of throwing items away and buying brand new, you can re-purpose or update tired pieces. See if furniture can re-purposed or work better in another place. By re-upholstering chairs and ottomans, you can give your room a bright new look. Perk up your throw cushions with a trendy new fabric. You don’t even have to know how to sew! You can tie the fresh fabric in a stylish knot using the fabric wrapping technique and voila! You have a cool update for a low cost.

There you go! Five easy interior design ideas that you can incorporate into any budget. Speaking of budget, check out these ten tips for low-cost travel, next!

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