3 Signs Your Shower Drain Needs Cleaning

//3 Signs Your Shower Drain Needs Cleaning
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You know what they say — “You never know a good thing until it’s gone.” — like a clean shower drain.

No one wants to clean the drain, so we wait until we have no other option. How do we know it’s time? Continue reading this article and learn the signs you need to stop putting it off and clean your drain.

1. What’s That Sound?

You hop in the shower, turn the water on and you hear — “glug glug glug.” That’s not normal. That’s the sound of your shower drain saying it’s about ready to give up the good fight and it needs help.

2. Ah — That’s a Nasty Smell

When you’re enjoying your shower, the last thing you want is a shower that smells like a trash dump. If you’re smelling nasty smells, your drain is well past the time it should experience a cleaning.

While you don’t have food going down the drain like you do in the kitchen, hair can get stuck in the drain with dead skin and cause quite a stink.

3. It’s Flooding!

If water is backing up — now you’ve really got a problem. You don’t want to let your shower drain get this dirty. If your shower drain gets so dirty and clogged that water is backing up, you may experience water damage in your home.

We hope you get to your drain cleaning before the flood comes but if you don’t, you definitely need the next section.

How to Clean Your Shower Drain

If you just can’t do drain cleaning, you might want to call a professional. If you’re up for the job then here are some simple things to DIY your drain cleaning.

Choose Your Cleaning Supplies

If you don’t want to use chemical drain cleaners off the shelves here are some things you might consider.

  • Baking soda & vinegar
  • Detergent and hot water
  • Borax, salt & vinegar

Give these mixes a try and see if your drain issues are fixed. When you put these things down your drain, make sure you cover the drain so everything stays down and gives it a good clean.

Get Your Hands Dirty

If simply putting these things down your drain doesn’t do it — you might need to get your hands dirty. Using a plumber’s “snake” to go down in your drain might fix things or you might need to use tweezers or a hook to pull a mess of hair out of your drain.

We’re sure none of this sounds glamorous but these techniques can help you get a clean shower drain if you don’t want to call a professional.

Take Care of Your Shower Drain & Your Entire Bathroom

Now that you know the signs that you need to take care of your shower drain, why stop learning there? We have articles on keeping your home in order, cleaning and much more that can help you live a better life.

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