3 Reasons It’s Time to Hire a Florida Public Adjuster

//3 Reasons It’s Time to Hire a Florida Public Adjuster
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Palm trees, theme parks, and hurricanes!

From June 1st to November 30th, Florida has its infamous hurricane season. While it may seem like parts of Florida get to escape the wrath of these storms, that’s not always the case.

From 1850 to present-day times, Florida’s entire coastline has been impacted by at least 1 hurricane. From torn off roofs, to broken windows, and rising waters, hurricane season is the cause of countless home insurance claims.

If you’re dealing with damage to your home, no matter what the cause, this article’s for you! Hiring a Florida public adjuster can help you have the best experience when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. However, not every claim requires the help of a public adjuster.

Read on to learn 3 situations where you should hire a public adjuster.

1. Filing an Extensive Property Insurance Claim in Florida

Extensive damage is one of the first signs that you need a Florida public adjuster. For example, water damage can be one of the most difficult and expensive types of problems to fix.

The type of water damage you’re dealing with, and the extent of the damage should influence your decision about hiring a public adjuster. For instance, if the water’s clear because it came directly from a broken pipe, you might be able to handle things on your own.

However, when there’s a lot of water, or it’s colored gray or black, things are going to get expensive fast. Water damage restoration companies charge almost double to clean up contaminated water, such as sewage.

By hiring a public adjuster, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll get the full amount of money you need to repair things the right way. After all, left unchecked water damage can cause all sorts of additional problems such as mold and rot.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Did you know that certain homeowners insurance policies can pay for your living expenses while your house is being fixed? If you have additional living expenses coverage or ALE, your insurance company should pay for your temporary living costs, even if you don’t have to move out of your home.

For instance, if you’re eating out at restaurants because your kitchen has damage, you could seek reimbursement for all of your dining bills. If you hire a public adjuster, they’ll be able to help you identify all of the things you can get reimbursed for.

2. Navigating the Claims Process


If you haven’t filed your claim yet, reach out to a public adjuster and ask them to walk you through the steps. Waiting too long to file a claim can cause problems, so the more prompt you can be in contacting insurance companies, the better. Oftentimes public adjusters are willing to offer these services 24/7 so clients can file their claims promptly.

In addition to helping you file the claim, Florida public adjusters will also help you document the claims process by telling you things to keep track of. For instance, you should be keeping a thorough claim diary.

In your claim diary, you’ll need to document the date, time, and summary of each conversation you have with your insurance company. You should also find out the name of your insurance company’s staff adjuster assigned to your claim. Lastly, look for public adjusters that are willing to do free inspections.

Gather Evidence for Your Claim

The more evidence you can gather to support your claim, the better your payout outcome will be! Photos are one of the best types of evidence you can collect. Your public adjuster will be able to tell you exactly what type of photos to take to document your damages. It’s also helpful to get video footage of each type of damage you’re claiming.

3. The Insurance Company Is Delaying Your Claim

Finally, you’ll know it’s time to hire a public adjuster if your insurance company is delaying the claims process. Unfortunately, sometimes when a storm hits, insurance companies become overwhelmed with claims. As a result, a claim that may have only taken a few weeks to pay out, can take months, or even longer!

Luckily, if you have an experienced public adjuster on your side, they can help expedite the process. One of the ways a public adjuster helps speed things up is by making sure your claim’s properly filed and documented. Next, a public adjuster can also help if the insurance company is denying your claim, or offering you an amount that’s too low.

Public adjusters know all of the different tactics that insurance providers use to deny or underpay a claim. By thoroughly reviewing your policy, and type of loss, a public adjuster will be able to create an effective settlement strategy.

Claim Timeline

After filing your insurance claim, your company will assign a claims professional to your case. The claims professional will then evaluate your claim, perform an inspection, and estimate the total amount of damages. If you have a super simple claim, you could receive a payout after the first inspection.

However, if you have a complicated claim with extensive damage, the claims professional will need more time and evidence to reach a decision. Luckily, a public adjuster will be able to help the claims professional get all of the facts they need to help influence and speed up their decision.

Get the Help You Need From a Florida Public Adjuster

It’s clear to see that hiring a Florida public adjuster is a wise choice if you have extensive damages. Even if your claim’s small, but the insurance company’s dragging things out, a public adjuster could still come in handy!

Always listen to all of the directions and tips the public adjuster gives you, especially when it comes to documenting your claim. The more evidence you have to showcase your damages, the easier it’ll be for you to get the payout you deserve.

Since most public adjusters offer free inspections, go ahead and schedule one today, you have nothing to lose! For more helpful tips like these, read another one of our articles.

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