10 Tips to Get More Eyes on Your Real Estate Ad

//10 Tips to Get More Eyes on Your Real Estate Ad
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Want more traffic to your online listing? Use these suggestions to drive buyers to your real estate ad.

Create A Strong MLS Description

The majority of leads will discover your listing using an MLS. So, you don’t want to overlook the power of a great description.

Make sure your listing includes notable features that set the property apart. You’ll want to showcase any unique qualities to make visiting the house irresistible.

Photos Are Worth 1,000 Words

The majority of internet users will scan for pictures before reading the information. Include stunning images by a professional photographer. This will intrigue readers to look into the details.

A professional will make sure photos have good lighting and composition. These pictures will amplify your listing to be more appealing to future buyers.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can have a little more fun with your photos, too. A trend in the past few years is to feature t-rex families in listing photos. The quirky take on traditional real estate photos generates more interest.

The Power Of Video

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, then videos are worth 1,000,000. Videos are more eye-catching than a group of photos nested in an album. More importantly, they gain more search engine traction.

There are two ways you create a video. 1) Self-production and 2) High production quality. If you are selling a luxury home, paying more for a high-quality video is worth the extra effort.

But, if you decide to self produce a video tour, you build more trust with the viewers.

It is important to optimize your title and description. Include the listing address, MLS number, and keywords to direct customers to your page.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

It may seem obvious to throw yourself into Google+ or LinkedIn. But, don’t underestimate the power of the other social media outlets.

A Pinterest Board can be a great source in generating leads if you are consistent. You can include listing photos, tip articles, and local resources relevant to followers.

A multifaceted Facebook campaign can engage potential leads. For example, you can share an open house event and invite followers to attend. You can create a photo album full of the best listing photos and videos. Once your page is full of significant material, promote yourself in real estate groups.

Twitter feeds may move fast, but you can still use it to your advantage. Schedule posts with photos or videos during high-traffic times. Include local hashtags to reach more people in the area. You can also recirculate popular tweets to get higher engagement.

Instagram is a newer platform for real estate. Because it is photo-centric, you can generate leads by showcasing beautiful home photos. It’s best to use detailed language to tell the home’s story in the description. Don’t forget to include both generic and local hashtags for new users to find you.

Paid Advertising

Sometimes, you need to “pay to play” to reach a broader group. This is true on social media as well as PPC, or pay-per-click-ads on search engines. 

Organic reach is becoming harder to achieve on social media. A more effective way to get in front of potential clients is to target your audience with a paid ad.

Facebook is notorious for having a strong platform for ads. Using their targeting features will ensure you get noticed by who you want to notice you most.

You’ll need to be a little more particular with your language if you are using PPC search engine ads. Try thinking like a buyer.

If you use long-tail and local keywords, you can be specific enough to reach your target audience

Include a strong headline that uses targeted keywords. You can also include a descriptive line that highlights unique features. To make your listing more prominent, add extensions to your add. Google reviews, contact details, and location will bring your add closer to the top of a user’s search.

Create A Single Property Website

This is an especially relevant tactic for high luxury real estate. The goal is to create more content around a single listing to bump its visibility in a Google search.

You can show off a larger variety of content on a website than on a social media page. Videos, photos, articles, blogs, local statistics, testimonials, etc, all create a full experience. This also makes it easier for a user to access all the information they need.

Create a Landing Page to Gather Lead Info

This is one of the most effective tactics to snagging lead contact information.

Your landing page should grab your audience’s attention with eye-catching photography, unique details on your property, or a video walkthrough.

But the most important part of the landing page? An effective call to action.

Some agents choose to offer a free download in exchange for an email address. This can start a conversation so you can follow up with material specific to the potential buyer.

Go Mobile for Your Real Estate Ad

A recent study shows that 80% of people use their mobile devices when going online. That means you are missing out on the majority of internet users if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

Want to take an extra step? Consider creating your own mobile app for customers to search all your listings

Email Marketing

One of the best strategies to build client relationships is to create a newsletter. Collect emails through your website, local outreach, open houses, and other methods. Then, send your subscribers information that would interest them.

This includes new listings, seminars, upcoming open houses, etc.

Be careful not to overload your emails, though. Keep to one topic at a time, photos to a minimum, and include a clear call to action.

Your Competition

Take a little time to research what other realtors in your area are doing. How do they use social media? What keywords do they use in their real estate ad? What do their photos look like? Are they using video?

Take note on what works for them and ask yourself how you can apply the same techniques to boost your listings.

Looking to get more out of your real estate ads? Check out our blog for more information to help you get the ball rolling!

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