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Let’s talk hair, shall we?

Your hair is one of your best features and can really accentuate your personality. From colorful blondes to darker redheads, hair trends are always changing.

Looking for a new hairstyle this year?

Read all about our top 10 must-try hair trends in 2018.

1. Blush Pink

So not only are women obsessing over everything rose gold, they are also using this trend as the perfect base for creating a showstopping hair color.

Adding some blush pink highlights to your current ‘do is just what you need this year to completely rejuvenate your look.

Mix in some blush pink balayage for a subtle glow that will enhance your natural color.

Be sure to customize your shade with your professional hair stylist so it complements your skin tone, too. She or he can offer some insight into how the color will fade over time and how long it should expect to last depending on your current color.

For light icy blondes, you can definitely go for bright, vibrant pinks while brunettes would look stunning with a few simple strokes of baby pink.

2. Fringe

A lot of celebrities are chopping off their hair to mix with their usual hairstyle for 2018. Bangs are especially on the rise with hot stylish celebs like Alexa Chung who is known for her short textured bohemian bangs.

Choose thick curtain bangs that stand out or a subtle approach with some wispy pieces that flow across your forehead. Of course, before you commit to this total hairstyle change, you need to experiment for a few days. Try flipping the bottom of your hair and using it as faux bangs for awhile.

Take some selfies to really capture the idea of how you will look with bangs because so many female hairstyles can take your image to the next level if you decide to make the chop.

Eyelash skimming bangs are all over the red carpet these days. Include your new look with bangs and a long bob cut to match. You’ll be so trendy and ready to show off your brand new hair for all to see!

3. The Center Part

You know, something about a classic center part never goes out of style.

Think back to the 90s with Jennifer Anniston and her go-to hairstyle with a sleek and straight cut accompanied by a face-framing center part.

Switch up your current hairstyles this year by mixing things up. Use your comb and gently create a center part with your hair.

The best part? You can create a whole new look without visiting a hair salon. All it takes is a comb and even some loose waves to be seriously on-trend in 2018.

4. Messy Braids

Another cool-girl approach to hair in 2018 includes lots of fun twists.

Braids are back this year with models seen on the catwalk in long extensions, similar to those from Super Hair Pieces, with small braids throughout.

The boho vibes continue in the summer when you choose to leave your hair in thick braids overnight.

You will wake up the next morning feeling ready to take on the day with a hairstyle that is already complete.

5. Slicked Back Hair Trends

Want to be bold this year? Try out a slicked-back hair look for a night out.

To create your own version of this hair trend, you should add a lot of gel product to the top of your hair. Comb the gel through the top of your hair to completely slick it back.

Khloe Kardashian loves to slick back her hair whenever she goes out on the town and wants to look her best. You can also test out this look for yourself with second or third-day hair to really develop a quality style that will last through the night.

6. Low Ponytail

Thankfully you can easily tie your hair back into a low ponytail and still look stylish in 2018.

Take a scrunchie or a clear elastic band to tie your hair back at the nape of your neck.

This hairstyle is also elegant for a night out when you have a wedding event to attend and need to make sure you look the part for the fancy festivities.

7. Messy Texture

To achieve a messy textured hair look, invest in some sea salt spray to do the trick. You can start out by washing your hair and then spritz in some sea salt spray.

The spray will adhere to your hair and you can begin to blow dry it in order to finish your look with the right amount of texture.

The sea salt spray creates a textured feel that doesn’t require much brushing out. After you blow dry your hair, spray some hairspray to keep your look set in place for the day ahead.

8. Simple Waves

Keep things beachy with waves for days. Channel the gorgeous Blake Lively for your ultimate hair inspiration.

She understands how to look like a tanned beach goddess with casual waves that look like she just woke up with her luxe blonde hair gently cascading around her.

Get a high-quality curling wand and section off your hair to achieve these natural-looking waves.

9. Use Temporary Hair Color Spray

Want to have ocean blue hair for a fun event coming up? You can pick up a bottle of temporary hair color spray at your local drugstore just in time to play with any color of your dreams.

If you are headed to a music festival this summer, bring a bottle of temporary hair spray with you to give your friends a cool new ‘do, too!

This hair color phenomenon has started to take off and will only stay in your hair until your next wash for easy maintenance and no damage left behind.

10. Slide in Some Hair Accessories

If you just want to play around with hair accessories, you should browse the hair section of your favorite drugstore for some bobby pins or embellished headbands to vamp up your look with minimal effort.

Even clipping back your bangs with a single bobby pin continues to appear on models in the industry.

Don’t think you need to dye your hair to be on-trend in 2018, even sliding in some metallic hair accessories will elevate your look.

Want More Hair Tips?

We hope these ten hair trends inspire you to go out and take on a new hair look in 2018.

Explore the beauty section of our blog for even more amazing hair care tips. Our website, operated by passionate team members, is devoted to empowering your girls and women to continually look and feel their best.

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