10 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom and Love It

//10 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom and Love It
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Does it really matter what your bedroom looks like? According to The Sleep Better Council, “Your bedroom plays a key role in getting the sleep your body needs”.

Yes, in order to get that perfect nights sleep, you need to turn your boring old boudoir into a cozy retreat. How can you do it?

Follow these tips on how to redo your room and your bedroom will feel brand new!


1. Sleeping Beauty

If you’re doing a room redo, you may wonder how to make your room awesome. Always remember that the most awesome part of any bedroom has to be the bed, of course!

Make your bed awesome by investing in glamorous bedding, plush pillows, and a glorious throw. Keep your bed in the center of the room for a dramatic effect. But if you’re stuck for space, try rearranging furniture and pushing the bed against the wall.

A new mattress may be all you need to give your room a refresh. But if you’re updating your mattress, make sure to find out about the different types available.

2. Splash Some Paint

Bedrooms are for relaxation, but they don’t have to be boring. Use paint or wallpaper to make a statement. But you don’t have to paint the entire room, stick to one statement wall to avoid a busy look.

If painting the walls or wallpapering seems overly cliché, try something unconventional. For example, flip traditional decor upside down! Paint floors or the ceiling in bright colors.

3. Furniture Upgrade

Another cool way to use wallpaper is to add accents to your furniture. For example, drawers, your closet or your nightstand. You could even stick wallpaper into panels on an old wooden door to spruce it up.

Try updating your furniture with a lick of paint too. For instance, update an old dresser to give it a new lease of life. Paint it a light gray, add some glamorous sparkly knobs, and use hot pink wallpaper to line the sides of the drawers.

4. Hidden Cords

Want to know how to make your room look cool? One simple way is to clean up unsightly wires and cords. There’s nothing worse than tangled cords cramping the style of a chic bedroom.

There are many easy ways to clean up unsightly cords. For instance, hang them in a basket or a box, or just keep them in place with binder clips. But if you can’t hide them, make them look pretty by wrapping them in twine instead.

5. Smoke and Mirrors

Even if your bedroom is small, you can lighten up dark corners with a simple trick. Use mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger room. This works really well if you position your mirror to reflect natural sunlight from the window.

Hang a big mirror or simply lean a body-length mirror against the wall for a quick fix.

6. Art Attack

Creating a gallery wall of art, photos, and other cool treasures is a great way to give your bedroom some personality. Mix and match frames can look awesome, but only if there is a running theme. For instance, frames of different sizes but all the same material or frames all different materials but the same color.

If you have a huge mural, why not highlight it by using it as a headboard for your bed. Keep the rest of your room neutral, and use the artwork as the perfect backdrop. Use accent colors from the piece to accessorize the rest of the room.

7. Minimalist Vibes

One of the best ways to do a room redo without touching a paintbrush is to simply declutter your space. Keep other furniture and accessories to a minimum and make the focal point the bed. Because that’s undeniably the whole point of the room.

Use built-in storage that keeps your belongings out of sight and out of mind. Use whatever space is available, such as the space around your bed. Create build around cupboards and you’ll have a gorgeous cozy nook to sleep in, without any clutter in your way.

8. Display Clothing in Style

But what about your clothes and shoes? Boots on the floor and clothes flung over the chair will make even the coolest bedroom look unsightly. Instead of letting your room become an obstacle course, display your clothing in style.

Create a unique gallery wall with your clothing and accessories. Try hanging up your prized shoes, quirky hats, and brightly colored jewelry on the walls. Keep the rest of your clothing tucked away in simple storage.

9. Lighten Up

One of the best ways to transform your room is to update the lighting. A little mood lighting can give off cozy vibes for your relaxation station. Such as twinkly lights, lanterns, chandeliers, or suspended Edison bulbs.

But if you want to make a statement, try replacing your bedside lamps with low-hanging pendant lights above each bedside table. It frees up storage space and gives a whole new dimension to your bed frame.

10. Let’s Hang Out

If you can’t do a big room redo with wallpaper and paint, there’s a simpler way to make a statement. Hang a tapestry. They make an eye-catching feature at a budget price.

Just hanging a tapestry may be all you need to spruce up your decor. A fun way to display a tapestry is to hang it above your bed to create an unusual headboard.

That’s How to Redo Your Room!

As you can see, there are many ways to spruce up a bedroom which is lacking luster. Now you know how to redo your room, which one will you try out? Whichever you try, your bedroom will go from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.

Did this article give you some great ideas? For more home hacks, check out the “Home Inspiration” section of this blog.

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