Worthy Wages for Women: The 8 Best Careers for Women in 2019

//Worthy Wages for Women: The 8 Best Careers for Women in 2019
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Are you a woman?

Are you a professional? If you answered yes to both those questions, then read on. It’s true, women don’t earn as much as men. It seems that it’s an uphill battle that we are going to continue to fight. 

But what I told you that there are a number of specific careers for women that offer a more substantial salary? 

While some of these roles require higher education, they also give you the opportunity to learn and grow as you go. 

Are you ready to find your dream career and rise to your highest level of potential?

1. Pharmacist

The main job of a pharmacist is to manage and distribute medication that is prescribed to patients by doctors.

There are a variety of locations where a pharmacist can work, ranging from a grocery store to a clinic or hospital. This job puts you in a wonderful position to offer medical advice to customers while also having quality human interaction. 

If this is a career path that interests you, you will first need to obtain a degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as a license that will require passing 2 exams.

While there are a lot of demands on the road to becoming a pharmacist, the median income for a female in this job is around $95,000. 

Interested in learning more about what this career looks like and what the requirements might be? Read more about being a pharmacy technician.

2. Financial Analyst

If you like numbers, analyzing data and trends, and are a strong decision maker, this might be the job for you! Financial analysts monitor and track changes in data sources and then make recommendations to customers based on their findings.

This job allows you to utilize your problem-solving skills while staying on top of financial data direction. You’ll also have the opportunity to make up to $71,000 a year in this profession.

3. Lawyer

While this job requires quite a bit of schooling with a bachelor’s degree followed by 3 years of law school and the passing of the bar exam, it allows you to be an advocate for people and causes that are close to your heart. Finding a career that allows you to be a part of something that you are passionate makes work feel not so much like a job.

As a woman in this position, you are eligible to earn $109,000 annually. All this while working in conjunction with a variety of people and organizations.

4. Human Resources Manager

Human Resources is a vital part of every organization and has a variety of professional opportunity. In this role you will be responsible for building a strong team within your organization by recruiting, interviewing, and hiring potential new talent.

Not only this, but you will have a hand in all the different areas of Human Resources including benefits, payroll, and training, as well as learning to develop skills in conflict resolution and management. Currently, women make up about 61% of all Human Resources Managers in the field and make around $70,000 per year.

5. Engineer

This is a high earning field that will be a great fit for individuals who are creative thinkers who have acute attention to detail, but also enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal. Not only this, but you must have technical skills that allow you to work well under pressure.

There are quite a few areas you can pursue in this field including mechanical, electrical, and chemical, just to name a few. While it’s been recorded that engineers can make up to 6 figures, females are said to make about $68,000.

6. Physician Assistant

As a Physician Assistant, you would be a part of a team of amazing healthcare professionals who provide medical services to those in their community. This job is a wonderful way to play an important role in the lives of those you are serving by caring for their well-being.

Some of the functions of this job include ordering tests and performing examinations on patients, prescribing appropriate medicine, and tracking patient progress over the course of time. This is a field that is quickly growing and is expected to continue to grow over time due to its vital nature. 

You’ll find that the median income for this role can be upwards of $100,000.

7. Software Developer

Software Developers are the brains to thank behind the apps we use on our phones, the games we play on our consoles, and the software we’re always accessing on our computers. Do you have the brains that it takes to make dreams a reality? If so, this is the field for you!

While this role doesn’t require a Bachelor’s Degree, there are many skills that are important in working as a Software Developer. The ability to critically think and have high attention to detail is at the top of the list. You will also need to be able to communicate and delegate directions to the members of your team as you will be working alongside many people to complete projects.

 You could earn up to $80,000 as a female working in this field.

8. Chief Executive

One of the most important roles in an organization is the CEO or the Chief Executive Officer. You will be responsible for overseeing the daily, weekly, and monthly operations of your organization all while ensuring that the business is running smoothly.

One thing to think about when considering this role is that while Chief Executives can make a 6 figure salary, they can also work very long and difficult hours. All this while shouldering the stress and responsibility that comes with the upkeep of a company.

Keeping Hope Alive with Careers for Women

While women might not make as much as men, they are still able to earn quite a bit of money while making a tremendous impact. These 8 careers span a variety of skills and interests while marking women’s status in the workplace. There are many careers for women available to you.

Even if you’re feeling a little scared about taking the next step in your career, there are business coaches available to help walk you through your personal and professional growth.

No matter what you’re feeling, remember that females can and are making a difference in the workplace. You can be a part of that movement by saying yes to your potential!

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