Women Like You Are Getting Paid Via These 11 Excellent Side Hustling Jobs

//Women Like You Are Getting Paid Via These 11 Excellent Side Hustling Jobs
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Women’s pay has become a hot topic as of late given the fact that data says women make 80% less than their male counterparts when all things are equal.

Women have been proactive in bridging that gap in a couple of ways…

First, they’re asking their local politicians to pass legislation that addresses pay gap issues. Second, they’re taking matters into their own hands by making the money that they feel they deserve via lucrative side hustles.

44 million Americans currently have a side-hustle that they manage and that number keeps growing everyday.

If you’re a woman that’s looking to expand your earning potential today, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll hit you with 11 hustling jobs that are the most popular among females so you can figure out where you’d like to direct your efforts.

1. Ridesharing

Walk along a busy sidewalk and take a look at the cars that blow past you. We’re willing to bet that one out of every 5 or 6 cars will have an Uber or a Lyft sticker on their windshield.

There’s a reason why so many people drive for these rideshare companies despite some of the bad press that they get regarding pay… That reason is that if you drive smart and get into a good rhythm, ridesharing offers a way for people like you to make serious money almost immediately on your own terms.

Getting set up with ridesharing can be done in as little as a couple of days and so long as you take proper safety precautions, you should be able to profit off of this hustling jobs favorite with ease.

2. Flipping Clothing

Are you a clothing/accessories expert? If you are, there’s a ton of money to be made off of your fashion expertise.

Tons of women make side hustles out of scouring flea markets and online marketplaces to find things at low prices and then sell them at markups.

Just think of how much money you can make if you sell Louis Vuitton bags at their full value when you scooped them up from a Goodwill for 70% off!

Flipping clothing definitely takes some work given the scouting that you have to do to find inventory. If you love to shop though, this side hustle could be for you.

3. Food Delivery

Many of the same apps that let you rideshare also allow you to deliver food. For example, Uber allows you to pick up passengers and accept food delivery requests from within the same application.

You can also branch out to dedicated food delivery apps like GrubHub or Postmates.

It used to be that doing food delivery for a specific company like Dominoes Pizza was a good way to make some extra money. Given the lack of flexibility that single-employer situations tend to come with though, we recommend sticking with food delivery apps.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Social media mavens make a killing off of affiliate marketing as a side hustling job. The way that this gig goes is simple…

You find a product on Amazon that you think people will like. You get an affiliate link for it off of Amazon Associates.

Once you have your link, you share it like crazy and whenever somebody buys the product that you’re sharing, you’ll get a cut of the sale.

Pretty simple!

The only hurdle here is that you need to have access to a large number of people that might want to buy your product. That’s why the best affiliate marketers tend to have large social media followings or other sure-fire ways to engage with crowds.

5. Blogging

People that love to write and know a lot about a given topic tend to start blogs. While blogging can be a slow-starting side hustle, if you put in the time and find an audience, they can be insanely lucrative.

Blogs tend to make their money off of affiliate marketing to their audience and by selling unique products like eBooks, consulting other services that tie into whatever their niche is.

To get started with blogging, learn about setting up a website on WordPress, take a moment to understand the basic of SEO and start writing!

6. Online Surveys

Taking surveys are side hustling jobs that were very popular a few years back. This gig then started to die down some due to rampant fraud.

There are still some online survey sites out there though and they present a pretty easy way to make a few dollars on your spare time.

Finding online survey providers that are willing to pay you is as easy as running a Google search. Just make sure that whatever website you choose to use is well-reviewed to avoid getting scammed.

7. Virtual Assistant

A lot of people that run businesses have trouble staying organized. If you’re an organizational guru and don’t mind wearing a few different hats, you might be able to help those people by becoming a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are basically regular assistants except they work online which means that people who do this gig don’t need to live in any place in particular and can take on more than one client.

Virtual assistants (or VA’s as they’re often called) get paid hourly and typically sell their services through gigging websites like Upwork or through their own website.

8. Teaching/Tutoring

There is always somebody out there that needs to learn. Whether it’s an adult that wants to learn piano or a child from another country that needs to improve their English, if you have the skills that people are looking for, you can sell those skills at a high price.

Some side hustlers end up spending all of their time teaching online via a single digital-based school. Others offer their teaching/tutoring services a-la-carte through gigging websites.

However you choose to structure your business, know that there is a lot of money to be made in education.

9. Editing

We’ve spoken to a lot of women that were looking for side-hustles but weren’t sure what to do. When we asked them what their hobbies were, many cited reading.

Guess what? If you read a lot then you can make money reading other people’s work and giving them feedback!

This profession is called editing and there’s a huge demand for it given the amount of writers that are out there.

Most editors will charge per word and can easily make a few hundred dollars per month doing nothing but paroozing interesting work and helping to improve it!

10. Art/Design

Artists/graphic designers are in huge demand online since a ton of businesses need visual elements for their websites and marketing materials that they don’t have the skills to produce.

You can find these business owners on gig boards like Fiverr or UpWork.

If you’re not into helping businesses do semi-mundane tasks, you can use your art skills to make consumer-focused products. For example, artists design shirts, phone cases, pillows and a number of other things. They then sell those designs on websites like Cafe Press or Zazzle.

Bottom line – The sky is the limit if you know how to create unique visuals so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as an artist!

11. Child/Pet Care

Millions of children are born in the United States every year. After those moms give birth, they’re caught in a tough place where they need to split their attention between their child and the other responsibilities that they have.

Often times, that demand leads to them seeking out childcare professionals.

Childcare side hustling jobs can be easy to get started. Just throw up some flyers in your community offering your services. If you’d like to take your business further though, you’re going to want to get accredited in important skills like first-aid and CPR.

By the way, children aren’t the only living things that occasionally require sitters. Pets often need sitting services as well!

While pet sitters don’t charge as much as childcare professionals, they often demand a pretty penny and taking care of pets tends to be less pressure than taking care of somebody’s kid.

Wrapping Up Our Side Hustling Jobs Suggestions

Many of our readers are looking for side hustling jobs to make an extra few hundred dollars each month. In our opinion, the best ways to do that is via the suggestions that we’ve just shared.

Sample around to see which hustles work best for you and have fun spending that extra cash that you rake in!

If you’d like more inspiration on everything relevant to the lives of women, check out more of the content on our blog.

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