Winner #7: F’s Handmade Jewelry

//Winner #7: F’s Handmade Jewelry

Once again, celebrating a new winner for our #7 Giveaway, through Inspire ME Project! Getting closer and closer to fulfill our Goal of $1,000,000 worth of giveaways!

This #7 Giveaway, the prize consisted of a statement necklace made out of natural cotton strings, braided onto a golden metallic chain, with attached butterflies that are made out of natural reconstituted turquoise (a semi-precious stone) & the golden metallic findings make the necklace’s length adjustable. It stands for “Be bold! Wear a statement necklace!” and it’s the perfect accessory for a fresh summer look! Moreover you can get only here, at Estilo-Tendances, because of the Inspire ME project (read about the project HERE).

If you hadn’t read the interview with Florentina Olareanu, the person behind the brand – F’s Handmade Jewelry, please don’t wait any longer and get to know her and her products! Read the Interview here!

Who is the Winner of #7 Giveaway?

Lore Iftimie

How did we choose the winner?

Through and the number generated was 5! Congrats to her!

What did she won?

This beautiful handmade necklace!

F's Handmade Jewelry Giveaway Necklace

Stay tuned for our next Giveaway!

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