How To Wear Jeans At Work: 6 Ways

//How To Wear Jeans At Work: 6 Ways

Jeans are one of the most versatile fashion elements! They are in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. Not only you can choose between so many different cuts, colors and even the way denim has been treated, but also jeans have such a great variety of how to wear them: casual or more formal, ladylike or influenced by men fashion.

By their origin, jeans have always been an element of work wear or casual fashion piece to wear on the street. Today they have become the center of the outfit that can be worn up to so many different ways!

Here is 6 aspects for you to consider when wearing jeans at work!

#1 Cut

Ripped boyfriend jeans worn with block heel sandals and a simple black over-sized shirt. 

The first and the most important aspect of your jeans is the cut! It shows the style you should follow when putting together the outfit not only for work, but also on the street! The cut of the jeans has mainly changed following the eras/trends and the style inspiration can be found when looking back in the history of fashion. But as we all know, fashion allows us to mix and match and rules are to be broken here when wishing to express your own style! In the end, it depends more on the work environment when wearing up your jeans!


#2 Color

Pure white skinny jeans worn with simple gray tee and dark blazer over the shoulders. Such a simple choice of clothing require wearing it up with jewelry, shoes, hair and make-up!

The color of a pair of jeans simply depends on how the garment has been treated. Denim can be dyed, pre-shrinked, colored it can be given a used look and can be sunblasted or abraded with sandpaper. Since denim is such a diverse fabric, it has such a variety of outcome! Choose yours and combine it with other items that suit with your personal style and the mood of your outfit!

Classic street style look to wear to work


The darker the wash for your pair of jeans, easier it is to wear them up! Choose block heel sandals, simple blazer, matching bag, scarf and other pieces to add your own style.


#3 Shirt

When wishing to make a statement with the shirt, choose modest looking jeans! Combine dark colors or daring prints to add fashionable touch to your outfit!

The most important aspect of wearing any shirt with your jeans is to remember that you are pulling a smart casual look! No need to wear anything too chic that is usually worn with skirts! Keep it simple, but stylish! More simple shirt requires wearing trends with other pieces of your outfit and vice versa!

The most simple way to wear jeans to the office is to combine it with a pure white shirt! Add a jacket or a blazer in color or print of your personal style. When the outfit choice is simple, then shoes, bag and accessories should be more daring!

Working as a freelancer or in any other environment where you are able to look fashionable, but comfortable at the same time? Choose ripped boyfriend jeans and a slogan tee or a jumper, but add cool prints and patterns with other elements to make the statement with wearing trends!


#4 Blazer/Jacket

Sequin soiree with jeans and pumps


Chic way of wearing up your jeans is to add prints, patterns or even classy sequins with your blazer or a jacket! Add pumps to add even more feminine and fashionable touch to your outfit!

When wearing really simple jeans and shirt or a tee, then a stunning blazer or a jacket is a must! Keep it simple, but classy! Remember it is still an outfit for work, so no need to overdo it with crazy cuts, colors, prints and patterns – these elements you can add with shoes, accessories and a bag!

Boyfriend jeans suit perfectly with a simple tee with any print, pattern or slogan! Add a simple blazer to balance the outfit! Match your shoes with the bag and accessories!

When choosing casual looking skinny jeans in pale colors, add a classy over-sized coat or a blazer! Wear a turtleneck and add some prints and patterns to keep your outfit trendy!


#5 Shoes

Casual shoes with jeans to wear at work


Jeans allow you to pull off an outfit that is worn with simple sandals – perfect for a hot summer day in the office! Choose something classy and with metallic elements to keep the trendy touch to them!

Since jeans are such a versatile piece of clothing, they can be worn with really any pair of shoes! It is important to keep the outfit balanced, so follow the rest of the look by the choice of your shoes if you want to show them off by keeping them as the center your styling!

Beautiful pumps with embellishments and animal print is the perfect choice with a simple outfit that require making the statement with shoes, bag and metallic accessories!

Modest, but a trendy option is to go for simple black pumps! Bow or other embellishments give the perfect feminine touch to them! Spice up the look with make-up, nail polish, and accessories!

#6 Accessories

Feminine accessories and shoes to your simple outfit of jeans and shirt! Add some color and prints to have fun with the look and add the feel of summer in the office!

The key of being fashionable often lays on some really basic elements that every woman should have in her wardrobepair of jeans is one of them! Since they are the basis of your outfit and usually quite simple, then accessories is a fun way to add trendy touch and personal style to your outfit!

Add lace shirt and floral printed cluth bag to your boyfriend jeans to have the feminine touch to the outfit!

When wearing really basic and simple colors with your jeans, colorful prints and trendy patterns are a must on your bag and accessories!

Want to have a sophisticated casual look for the office and decided to pull on your favorite pair of jeans for it? Did this article help you with knowing how to?

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