Stella McCartney Is AW14 Ready

//Stella McCartney Is AW14 Ready

Stella McCartney is the epitome of Britishness at Paris Fashion Week every year.

You can see from afar how purely english all her collections are and how much of her heritage and cultural background she lets peek out in every design she shows. Her designs, very sustainable and eco-friendly have graced the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week for years now, and it is no longer the figure of her father that everybody is interested in, but her own creations and inspiration.

Before talking about her latest collection, let’s see a bit about the history of the brand and how did she get where she is now.


An incredibly talented young designer, Stella McCartney graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1995 and in 1997, after only 2 collections, she was appointed Creative Director at Chloé, where she has enjoyed a great amount of success.

She has received the VH1/Vogue Designer of the Year Award in 2000, and has never stopped ever since. In 2001, she and the Gucci Group (now known as the PPR Luxury Group) have opened a 50/50 joint venture to raise the name of the Stella McCartney brand, thus proving that it is not because of her father that she experienced such great success.


In March 20013, The University of Dundee presented the designer with an honorary degree, and this year marks her wedding, as well as the launch of her first perfume, named Stella.

A firm believer in animal rights and a faithful vegetarian, Stella McCartney uses the most sustainable materials found on the market and you will see absolutely no traces of fur or leather in any of her collections.


Stella McCartney

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In addition to the Gucci Group (now known as the PPR Luxury Group), Stella has teamed up with different other companies, like H&M and Adidas, and, in 2012,she was appointed Team Great Britain’s Creative Director for the Olympics

Her signature style is of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity”(, which has been observed ever since her first collection. She is, thus well-worthy of her namesake brand and her expansion and excellence have been wanton over the years.


Her latest collection, a myriad of British, masculine, Savile Row inspired garments has set the stakes up high for her presentation and she did not disappoint. She has, yet again proven that the cultural background pays great importance in her choices and that she pays great attention to the details. her background in Savile Row tailoring is shown very well in this collection, and you can forget the Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo, go get your Stella McCartney one.

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

Stella McCartney logo

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The collection is data, sharp and perfectly tailored… It is something she could be seen wearing at any time. The music and decor also went perfectly hand in hand with the garments and her audience oriented care could be very well seen throughout the catwalk show.

The collection’s ethos, was perfectly put into words by writer, Nicole Phelps here: Sexy is a McCartney signature that had lately gone missing. It was good to see it back.” ( Sexy Stella is back in the show and everybody is very happy with it! The shapes are rather big, but they do not cover everything, they let peek out juts the right amount of skin, to create the perfect balance between sexiness and mystery.

Let’s talk about the trends from this collection:

Embroidery Gone Wild

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

Extra zippers in the house?(And when we say extra, we mean at lest a few tens extra!) No problem! Stella McCartney suggests this amazingly thought out embroidery of some sort with them, as you can see in the images above. It looks spectacular if nothing else, but she knows full well how to catch your attention!


 Oversized is the word

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

Oversized sweaters are a recurring trend, every now and then in the seasonal collections and, at Stella McCartney, they come back every year! there is something nice and cozy about them that you simply cannot let go of. They give you the feeling of home and warmth, that no other article of clothing does and why not turn them into dresses for that matter?

Tuxedos are here

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

The tuxedo for women was first patented by Yves Saint Laurent in the 60s and 70s, but it has been invented and reinvented all over again by many many designers over the years. In this trend from the collection, you can see a very prominent part of the designer’s formation in the early stages of her career. Femininty is greatly expressed through this masculine trend adapted for the women and it gives us a great opportunity to explore different cuts and shapes though her collection.

Tie Dye is back

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

Tie Dye has always been something associated with the hippie movement, but Stella McCartney just gave it an amazing twist with some of her pieces of this collection. It looks great, gives you a summerish vibe and makes you remember the warm, sunny days of last season. Why not give it a try? You can even do it at home if you want to! it’s super easy and, what I like most about it, it never looks exactly the same!


Flowy materials are a must

Stella McCartney Is AW15 Ready

Nothing says flowy materials better than a night out! Why not let yourself be inspired by these warm weather kind of garments and adapt them for the colder months ahead! They look amazing combined with bulkier materials, creating different textures and making your outfit stand out from the crowd.

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