Have you ever wondered what is the secret of happiness in life? Is there just one secret? How to be happier in life? Is traveling the answer to all these? Why traveling is important?

You have certainly thought about some of these questions and maybe even tried answering them. Asking a question is not something hard, but finding the answer is what makes this an important goal. What makes you happy?

why traveling is important

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Mary Ritter Beard

Why Traveling Is Important In Life

I have always wondered why traveling is important and thought that the secret of happiness in life lies in traveling. Why?

For me, it is the most rewarding thing and activity to do: to see and admire new places (cities, countries, even villages or small towns), to see the different architecture styles that make some buildings true landmarks, to see more and more tourist objectives, to see different cultures around the world and their people, etc. Just to travel and see the world.


Because of this, I have gathered here 13 reasons why traveling is important in life and why it can bring us nothing but joy and personal satisfaction and fulfillment. 

#1. Experience something new

why traveling is important

If you are looking for new experiences and feel a little bored with your life, there is only one thing to do: travel. Go see new places so you can experience new things.

For example, go on that hike you wanted so badly, go to that concert you’ve been waiting all your life, go visit a museum or a national reservation. There are plenty of things you can do.

#2. Learn about different cultures

why traveling is important

What’s more interesting than learning things about a different cultureits history, its culture, its traditions, its people, its customs, its food, its fashion, its art, and crafts? Nothing.

Learning new things is why traveling is important and why it can bring you happiness. Who knows, you might even pick up on a different language. Wouldn’t you love it?

#3. Gives you a sense of adventure

why traveling is important

Traveling is the only activity that gives you a true sense of adventure. Don’t miss out in this. You will always remember that trip in the mountains or how you got on your first trip on an airplane, that cruise on the ocean or when you were next to wild animals on a safari trip.

All these adventures fill your life with adrenaline and make you feel like your are really living and taking advantage of life to the fullest.

#4. Gives you new perspective

why traveling is important

Traveling to somewhere new and seeing things with your own eyes will truly give you a new perspective on life. What you see on the TV may, most of the times, differ from what you will see with your own eyes.

And it will bring you a healthy dose of reality and new points of view on your life. This is another reason why traveling is important.

#5. Discover your personality

why traveling is important

How can you discover yourself? By traveling. This way you can learn about your true fears and start facing them, you can learn about different skills you did not know you possessed, thus realizing your true potential.

Discovering yourself and learning how to live in the present and enjoy present moments is why traveling is important in life. Learn which are your priorities!

#6. Learn to love nature

why traveling is important

Living in the city makes it, most of the times, quite hard to really enjoy nature as we should. Being away from all the quiet and relaxation and beautiful views that nature provides can be really frustrating.

Traveling allows you to appreciate the aesthetic beauty that surrounds us. This is one way you can enjoy the birds singing or the sounds of rivers and waves colliding or animals in their natural habitat. 

#7. Enrich your culinary taste

why traveling is important

Everybody knows that traveling abroad means testing and trying out new types of foods and flavors. This is one of my favorite parts when traveling: I get to enjoy and try out new things when it comes to eating.

What better way to enrich your taste than this? Go and take advantage of the fresh food markets you can find in your travels and let your taste experience new aromas.


#8. Gives you bonding time 

why traveling is important

Another great reason why traveling is important is that is can offer you and your family or friend(s) the bonding time you need. Traveling lets you connect with your loved ones, for example, when traveling for holidays.

When you travel you can also create meaningful relationships with some of the people you meet. They can impact your life in ways you cannot imagine. You could end up as best friends or you could end up in love. Traveling helps in creating and sharing beautiful moments and memories, together.

#9. The possibility to go offline

why traveling is important

Being surrounded by the social media, it’s good and healthy to take a time out and go offline, from time to time. It relaxes you and your brain and gives you a sense of peace and quiet. And this is something that we, all, need.

It’s a liberating feel and makes you enjoy better the present moments. 

#10. Get some alone time with yourself

why traveling is important

As I said earlier, traveling allows you to discover your personality. However, it is also good because it gives you breathing room, which, during our busy schedules, isn’t happening so often.

By taking advantage of this quiet time, you can stop from your routine and let go of all the stress and tension. You can meditate in silence. You can enjoy yourself by being alone with no one else.

#11. Provides health benefits

why traveling is important

Besides all the cool facts about traveling, you should also know that traveling provides a series of health benefits.

Traveling leads to a greater capacity to learn things, increases happiness and satisfaction, strengthens relationships, decreases the risk of heart disease, decreases the risk of depression, reduces stress, increases the productivity level, increases knowledge, and intercultural awareness, etc.

#12. Gives you inspiration

why traveling is important

How often do you find yourself lacking inspiration or wondering with your mind in who-knows-what places? Well, it’s most definitely time for a break from work and go on a holiday or even a city break if you don’t have that much time.

Changing the scenery is quite refreshing and gives you time to find something new to inspire you. It gives you a new meaning in a way. So try it!

#13. No regrets

why traveling is important

Do you have any regrets? If you firmly believe that if you want something in life and work hard enough for it, you will make it happen, then go do it.

Travel and see as many places as you can. You won’t have any regrets and there are plenty of benefits from this. Find a balance and you will find the real reason why traveling is important.

“Travel is a privilege as much as it is a joy; it can be a challenge, but it can also be addicting. The more I travel, the more I hunger to travel more.” – Amy Poehler

So, if there happens to be an opportunity to pack your bags and go, then do it. Although traveling is great because a lot of the things and activities it implies, it is also great because it gives us a certain mental well-being, it improves our self-confidence, it gives us a lot of happy moments and memories to cherish forever and also gives us the chance to meet new people, get out of our comfort zone and develop a cultural sense. I just love it!

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