Why Do Men Love Adult Computer Games? The Theory Behind Men and Gaming

//Why Do Men Love Adult Computer Games? The Theory Behind Men and Gaming
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What is it about computer and video games that have so many men the world over completely whipped? How do they sit for hours on end, shouting commands at a screen and find the entertainment or stress relief they’re looking for? 

Well, if you find yourself pondering these very questions about your partner and how it affects your relationship, you’re not alone. 

If the man in your life appears to be addicted to the high of Fortnite, Fallout 4 or any other adult computer games, here’s the explanation you’re looking for. 

Understanding the Gaming Effect 

Everyone has their vices – for some, it’s coffee, cigarettes, chocolate or perhaps, gaming! And to be frank, it could be worse. But what is it about gaming that entices adult men as a means of escape? 

Ranging from teen years to early adult life and well into their 30s and 40s, men of all ages are seemingly addicted. 

The reality is that gaming is not actually an unhealthy or ”bad” habit. The very nature of gaming is exciting and enticing, but too much of a good thing can lead to bad habits. It’s the amount of gaming that can become a problem. 

Video games and computer games are designed to become addictive. From a business perspective, these games are designed to captivate attention. In essence, they are made to entice you into investing in each new installment of the game. 

Most video and computer games are like any other team franchise. They have a vast fan base who want to be entertained and are willing to invest money into the high!

Along with this, gamers develop a unique camaraderie – just as any fan base would, rooting for their favorite team. Need advice on Fallout 4 console commands? Your fellow gamers have your back! 

This camaraderie becomes a safe haven and place of comfort for regular gamers outside of the real world.

Adult Computer Game Statistics

According to research, hundreds of millions of people around the world devote copious amounts of time to the alternate reality of gaming. Collectively, this amounts to a whopping 3 billion hours a week. 

The United States is home to 183 million gamers, raking in an average of $34.6 billion in console gaming, and $32.9 billion in PC gaming in 2018.

PC gaming is a fast-growing sector with thanks to competitive play and esports. While console gaming is expected to grow to a $39 billion industry with thanks to live streaming, esports, and in-game spending. 

All-in-all, the global gaming market is expected to reach $180 billion in revenue by 2021. 

So how do most of us perceive the time we spend on gaming? 

According to research from Pew Research Center, 26% of adults feel that gaming is a complete waste of time. While 24% beg to differ and believe it’s not a complete waste of time, but time could be better spent.

27% of adults with a higher level of education, i.e. a high school diploma or more, are more likely to believe video games are pointless.

The Attraction Behind Adult Computer Games 

If you asked most men, they’d probably agree with the sentiment that they long for an epic battle to fight and adventure to live with a beauty on their arm, to boot.

This instinctive yearning for adventure may be true for women too – but the need is amplified in men due to a little thing known as ‘male ego’. Video games stimulate this urge in a big way.

On each new level, there are new things to discover and challenges to complete. Games are created with this sentiment in mind- packed with plot twists, puzzles, enemies to defeat and innocents to rescue.

The more time spent gaming, the more a man is able to build up his power, weapons, army, armor and own ego. But this is not to say all gaming men have huge egos outside of the gaming world.

It is merely a place where they can go to feel like the best, undefeated version of themselves!

To add to this, role-playing games are all based on the decisions you make which affect your in-game reputation. Ultimately, this affects how other characters interact with you as you progress.

In the real world, building this type of reputation is far more difficult. In the gaming world, this can be done almost overnight.

Peer Interaction

A large part of gaming – both PC and console – is peer interaction and the camaraderie formed between gamers. You are able to converse with someone on the other side of the world. In fact, you can even lead a team of soldiers from all corners of the globe.

This kind of peer interaction is extremely satisfactory and enriching for gamers.

Essentially, you’re able to socialize with your comrades you would never get to meet in the real world or in real-world situations. Although these friendships are based in virtual reality, you are all fighting towards one common goal. This can encourage better communication, overall.

Finally, let’s not forget that men are hard-wired to be natural hunters, fighters, and conquerors. This is an innate male trait that is still alive and thriving, centuries down the line.     

7 Relatable Reasons Why Men Love Gaming

Where women find comfort in talking to a friend over a glass of wine after a long day, men find solace in gaming.

Women are hard-wired to seek social interaction when stressed, whereas a form of escape for a man is often preferred.  Here are a few other understandable reasons to explain their love of gaming…

1. The Rush of Mirror Neurons

Yep, a man’s love of gaming can be rationalized with science! Our brains are comprised of nerve cells, known as mirror neurons. These cells allow us to feel empathy and put ourselves into the shoes of another – the mirror effect.

This means that during a video game experience you’re able to feel the same emotions as the hero of the game. And there’s nothing better than the rush of saving the world from disaster or leading your battalion to safety!  

2. Boosts Self-Esteem

In addition to the rush of saving of the world, the challenge of solving puzzles, riddles, and massive plot twists is the ultimate boost of self-esteem

3. Stress Management

Life, as we know it today, is full of everyday stressors- bills, traffic, deadlines, responsibilities. The stress can sometimes feel endless.

This is why gaming is rated as such as a great reliever- it’s a great form of escape from the real world.

Gaming offers an alternate universe where you can conquer challenges, save people, and feel like the hero for a few hours. In everyday life, this type of high may be harder to achieve in just a few hours

4. A Rush of Feel-Good Dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is released when chasing a reward, offering up a rush of feel-good emotions. Whether it’s achieving a fitness goal, baking a complicated cake, or winning an epic gaming battle – there’s nothing quite like a dopamine rush.  

5. Build Relationships

As mentioned, gamers are able to connect with different people from all corners of the globe.

As such, this helps to build connections and relationships with people of different walks of life. Many online games are collaborative, which requires good communication and teamwork – which are real-world skills of great value.  

6. Regain a Sense of Control

Some men may feel an overwhelming sense of control has been lost in life due to stress. Ultimately, this can affect overall happiness and really take a toll on relationships.

Gaming is a great place to re-establish some form of control, even if it’s just in a virtual reality. A gaming environment is highly controllable, which allows the player that familiar sense of security and satisfaction.

7. Educational Background

How is gaming educational? Well, for the most part, many games are based on reality, some part of history, event or geographical location. In other words, gaming can help build general knowledge in a number of fields.

Just some of these include geography, language, communication, tactical thinking, while also stimulating problem-solving skills.

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