What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear? Choosing Comfy Shoes

//What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear? Choosing Comfy Shoes
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When shoe shopping, are you often wondering “what kind of shoes should I wear?”? If so, keep reading. Picking the right shoes can greatly benefit not just your feet, but your entire body. 

Avoid injuries, joint pain, and blisters by knowing which shoes are best for comfort and support. Follow these tips and tricks to find shoes that you can love. 

Where Padding Counts

When purchasing shoes like sneakers or flats, it’s a good idea to check the quality of the shoe padding, as well as where the padding is provided. Padding around the ankle, top, and side of the foot can help prevent the feet from rubbing without constricting movement. This helps prevent blisters, especially with shoes that are more prone to being used for activity, as sweat and movement can be an irritant. 

Padding is also important when you’re looking for a comfortable pair of heels. Padding around the heel and toe will help you protect areas that are most vulnerable to blistering and soreness. 

When looking for sandals, you may not find a lot of padding options. Instead, look for sandals that cover most of the foot or ones that wrap around the ankle for some additional support. Head to this link to learn more about how sandals should fit

Size Matters

If most of your shoes are bothering you, you may not have the correct size. If your not sure what your exact shoe size is, have them measured at the shoe store. 

When trying shoes on, you should have enough room to slightly wiggle your toes. If you can’t easily do this, you may need to size up, as too tight of shoes can cause cramping and pain. Getting a perfect size is especially important when buying heels. 

Firm and Foam 

There are areas of the shoe you want to make sure are firm, such as the sole. The firmer the sole, the more stable the shoe will be. If you work on hard surfaces, select a shoe with 1-2 cm of a rubber sole that will provide the foot with some padding. 

If a sole is flexible, it is likely thin. This will not protect the bottom of your foot from hard surfaces and the impact of the ground, which could cause soreness in your feet, knees, and back. 

Flat shoes with a firm sole will be most comfortable, as they allow your feet to roll toe to heel as you walk. This evenly distributes weight along your foot. 

While you want a firm sole, you will also want to look for a foam insole. This allows for an inner padded surface that will cushion your feet. Consider using memory foam insoles, which mold to the shape of your foot to provide all-day comfort

Your Answers to “What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear?” 

Never wonder “what kind of shoes should I wear?” again by keeping these shoe shopping tips and tricks in mind. Finding and wearing comfortable shoes can help you avoid soreness and other irritants and can also keep you safe from more serious health issues like injury and joint problems. Find the right shoes for you by staying smart when shoe shopping. 

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