Weight Training: 5 Essential Gym Workouts for Women

//Weight Training: 5 Essential Gym Workouts for Women
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The gym can be an endless maze of unknown machines and cables.

Most of us just feel so lost at the gym we give up and silently use the treadmill for a bit before going home. And we wonder why we don’t see results.

If you want the gym to work for you, you need to know the right workouts. And if you try these gym workouts for women, you’ll be more than prepared to get the body you’ve always wanted at the gym.

Goblet Squats: One of The Essential Gym Workouts For Women

Goblet Squats are one of the best exercises for bodybuilding and actually an improvement upon the traditional squat.

That’s because Goblet Squats put more stress on the core while maintaining the squat’s ability to work the hips and legs.

Overall, there’s a reason this exercise is one of the high-performance exercises that will bring fitness success.


Planks are the holy grail of exercises. They’ll tone your belly, improve your posture, and help you prevent back pain.

One of the best things about planks is the way they let you measure progress. Because they’re a time-based exercise, every day your goal can be to plank for just one more second.


Anybody who’s ever gone to the gym and seen every machine taken already knows one of the benefits of the rowing machine. It’s usually available: that makes this a reliable workout for your trips to the gym.

But what really makes this one of the best gym workouts for women is the fact that this is a full-body exercise. That means it won’t just help you get toned or stronger, it will give your entire body synergy.

Factor a healthy diet including a fat-burning tea into it, and you’ll be super-fit in no time.


You may see this and skim over, thinking you’re not going to be a powerlifter. But deadlifts are more than just a female bodybuilding exercise!

They’re an exercise that promotes good form and a strong back. And while you need to make sure you do them properly, a good deadlift will give you the power you need to get through even the toughest of workouts.


A lot of people are averse to doing pull-ups. They remember being constantly unable to do one in high school gym class and think the exercise just isn’t for them.

But pull-ups offer women a variety of advantages. Like squats, these are a compound exercise. Only this time, they’re a compound exercise for your upper body.

More Tips

If you need to improve your fitness, then you should read every tip you can.

Getting fit is about more than working out. It’s about the synthesis of diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Because all of these things have an impact on your lifestyle, you need to become a day-to-day fitness expert to really achieve the results you want. For help with that, you should read more of our lifestyle advice.

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