8 Creative Ways To Wear Denim Shirt

//8 Creative Ways To Wear Denim Shirt

Denim is by far the most versatile fabric of them all and because of that, this article deals with creative ways to wear denim shirt and be stylish!

Tough, durable, fashionable, easy to work with and just such a staple garment that everyone has in their wardrobe no matter the age, sex or style. The fabric that originated in the French town of Nimes and owes its name to the location. Spunky Genoese Navy sailors first strutted around in denim back in the 1500’s but it wasn’t until the 1870’s in the gold rush boom that denim took off. This was when Levi Strauss created a strong style of workers pants with rivets that was quickly adopted by Californian coal miners.  Originally made from uncomfortable hemp, Strauss eventually discovered and started using the twilled cotton cloth that originated from the French town of Nimes and denim, as we know it, was born.

From there to today, denim has developed in fashion more than any other fabric: denim dungarees until 1940s, cowboy denim in 1930s, Wrangler and Lee in 1940s, teenage rebellion denim and James Dean in 1950s, denim jacket and dashing Marilyn Monroe in 1960s, rent-boy denim and Marlon Brando 1960s, rock denim and Robert Plant 1970s, designer denim and Brooke Shields 1980s, abbreviated denim 2010, Miu Miu SS 13′ and DKNY SS 14′.

There is no season without denim! Most certainly no spring/summer 2014 , that blossoms with new laid-back narratives, trends without denim shirt. The ways to wear it is just endless, but for you to get the glimpse of how to be a street-smart swagger wearing denim shirt, I got the right tips for you.

I have turned the infinity symbol and put together the prime guide of 8 creative ways to wear denim shirt!

 1. Wear Denim Shirt Under a Sweater

The sun is out and it seems to be a great time to lose overalls, but keep in mind that the wind is sneaky and the evenings are still chilly. The best way to adapt your outfit with the weather changes during the day is to wear layers!

Denim shirt under the sweater is the perfect combination to pull off a smart casual look for those busy weekdays when you have to be, on a side of everything else, prepared for a hot sun as well as April showers.

denim shirt 18


Wear it with jeans and add high heels that match with your sweater or that extra jacket over the shoulders. Consider the neckline of the sweater to decide on the right way to wear denim shirt! V-neck requires some opened buttons and rolled sleeves and is perfect to feel the sun and summer breeze on your skin. Try all buttons loose sweater plus a denim shirt and combine it with a long sleeve top underneath for layering, colors and stripes/polka dots. Crew neck ,on the other hand, allows you to add a statement necklace to polish up the outfit, that is why it’s called jewel neckline.



 2. As a Bblazer (buttons opened)

Looking for a casual look? Wear denim shirt as a blazer!

Match it with a white top to have the iconic mix of wearing denim with other fabric, add skinny and low-waist trousers/jeans or high-waist skirt. This is a simple outfit to wear with flats, ankle boots or sandals. Don’t forget that accessories are essential and quick elements to add the kick and style to your outfit. Try silver pendant necklaces and statement rings that match with your satchel, double handle or over the shoulder bag.

Denim shirt 17


3. Wear It Tucked In

Denim shirt 14


If you’ve been working out, eating healthy and see the results long before the summer season, then this is the best way to wear denim shirt as a ladylike and up-to-date trend. Pencil skirt is, with no exceptions, the best way to bring out your feminine side and show off those beautiful curves.

Don’t forget to tuck the denim shirt in neatly, it’s the choice of how to wear sleeves and neckline that you can adjust depending on the occasion, but also on how you prefer to wear you hair and what shoes you combine with the mood.

This outfit allows to show the modest side of a denim shirt, the fabric, color and the print of the skirt is that cherry on a delicious chocolate cake that you’re allowed to have the day after pulling off this daring outfit that other women still work hard for. If you are really not someone who wears skirts and/or wish to look fierce then high-waist jeans/trousers with high heels is the best way to do it! Choose low waist jeans/trousers combined with flats for the casual look.

4. With a Knot



Talking about creative ways to wear denim shirt, try wearing it with a knot and let your creative juices flow!

Denim shirt in a knot, sleeves rolled up worn with a casual skirt/dress. Don’t forget the hat to protect you for the sun and sandals to feel the summer breeze even when not having the day off.

5. Combined With a Jacket (leather/denim) or a Blazer

Looking for an evening outfit?

Wearing a denim shirt with a denim/leather jacket with skinny jeans or colorful blazer with boyfriend jeans combined with high heels is your guide to follow. Remember that if you want to try boyfriend jeans or other loose cut trousers/jeans then fit jacket or blazer should be worn with a tucked-in denim shirt. But if the jacket/blazer is oversized then the lower part should be skinny.

6. Wear Your Denim Shirt Oversized

Denim shirt 3


Oversized denim shirt can be worn in two ways depending on whether you want to show your beautiful tanned and fit legs or it is just too soon for that. For the second option wear it with super-skinny jeans or leggings. It is definitely and outfit that should be worn with opened high heel shoes to make a fashion statement!

7. Buttoned Up


Buttoned up denim shirt is a great option when needing a sophisticated look! You can wear it with a fitted skirt or trousers/jeans and add a cardigan or a blazer either sleeves rolled up or down, depending on the occasion and the mood. 

The key elements that help to style it is the collar and the jewelry. Wear a statement necklace that matches with your watch/bracelet and rings and hold back with the earrings since you wouldn’t want to overdo it! When looking for more ladylike and eye-catching look then choose a Peter Pan collar or gorgeous embellishments that allow you to revamp the collar yourself!

8. Daring Double or Even Triple Denim

Denim shirt 15

Double  or even triple denim is a daring outfit choice that is one of the hottest trends this spring. Not to wear denim on denim has become an unspoken rule that designers decided to rewrite for SS 14′.

So if you have always loved the trend and never dared to wear it on the streets, then this season is your time to shine! Look through the catwalks by  DKNY, Balmain, Marques Almeida and MaxMara and keep in mind to mix some colors, different denim pieces and accessories to the look!

Which of the above-mentioned ways to wear denim shirt is your favorite? Which one’s have you tried already? Let me know in the comments below!

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