7 Steps for Making the Most of Your Morning Skincare Routine

//7 Steps for Making the Most of Your Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes having a good day requires you to start it out right. This can be particularly difficult since most people are in a rush every morning just trying to get out the door on time. But for those women who take their time to get ready, their day usually goes a lot better.

It all starts with the morning skincare routine, and depending on who you ask, you’ll likely get different opinions about what you should do and what products you should use. No matter what’s being said, there are a number of steps you should take that most people will agree with.

Here are some of guidelines to make the most of your morning skincare routine.

1. Preparing


Remove Makeup the Night Before


As is usually the case, a key to a good routine has everything to do with how you prepare for it. For a morning skincare routine, what you do the night before can make the whole process go a lot more smoothly.

Be sure to wash your skin before going to bed, removing the makeup you wore from the day. There are so many good products to look at for this, but pay attention to your skin type and ingredients they contain. An effective wash the night before will keep your pores unclogged and prepare it for the day ahead.

Some products for inspiration:

2. Shower Steam


Once you’re up in the morning and taking a shower, use the steam from the hot water to help clear up your pores. The steam not only helps wake you up, it rejuvenates your skin before you proceed with the rest of your morning routine. The best way to use the steam is by holding a steamy wash cloth up close to your face. Even if you don’t shower in the morning, you should at least wash your hands to get rid of bacteria.


3. Cleansing


Facial Cleanser


It’s now time to clean your face. Cleansing your skin is necessary to remove impurities from your pores, which could lead to breakouts. To apply the cleanser, use circular motions by gently massaging it into your skin. This will leave your skin with a healthy glow. The cleansing process should take several minutes, giving the cleanser enough time to work. Rinse it off with cool water, and dry by patting your skin with a clean towel. Don’t rub your skin dry; it could cause further irritation.

Use a cleanser that works best with your skin type, like these products:

4. Toning




The next step involves toning your face. This important part helps to restore the pH levels in your skin to a more natural state, which helps it fight off bacteria. To tone your skin, use a bit of toner on a cotton pad and apply it to your face, then let it dry before moving on to the next step. Use a toner that’s right for your skin type, and make sure to apply one that’s alcohol-free, since alcohol can easily dry out your skin.

Some good toners to use would be:

5. Moisturizing



Following the cleansing and toning steps, you should now turn to your moisturizer. Everyone wants soft skin, and the best way to get it is through a moisturizer that’s designed for your specific skin type. To apply it, place a small portion on your skin and massage it in a circular motion along your face and neck. You should also focus on the areas around your eyes and lips, since that’s where the skin can easily dry out.

For good moisturizers, check out:

6. Exfoliating




Exfoliating is not a step you need to do every day since excessively doing it could irritate your skin. Instead, you should include it in your routine once or twice a week at most. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, which can help prevent clogged pores. Like the previous steps, massage the exfoliating facial wash gently on your skin.

These might be the products you should look out for:

7. Drinking and Eating


Drinking Water


There are other steps to good skincare that don’t deal with putting things on your face. Drinking a glass of water every morning can be just a helpful for dry skin as a good moisturizer. The water helps hydrate your skin, keeping it healthy and soft. In addition to water, eating a good breakfast every day can also benefit your skin. Make sure to include fruits that are high vitamins C and E, like blueberries or raspberries. The vitamins keep your skin moist and help restore it from damaging effects.

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Once you know what skincare routine you want to use, stick with it. Sometimes it takes days or even weeks to truly see the effects it has on your skin. If the results aren’t what you’re looking for, you can always switch things up. The important thing is to give yourself enough time in the morning to make it work. Once you have your routine down, your skin will be healthier, you’ll feel better, and you’ll look nicer as well.

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