Inspire ME To Follow My Dream #4: Daniel Ignat

//Inspire ME To Follow My Dream #4: Daniel Ignat

Easter comes with the new candidate for Inspire Me project


This column Inspire Me was created to promote talented people from all over the world and to inspire other people who have talent TO DO what they LOVE and stop wasting any other minute on doing what others want from them. It is a big project, but i am sure that together we can create a community where people are not afraid to be amazing and show what awesome things they can do.

This is a special month, where family comes together to celebrate Easter and to think about spirituality and reborn. It was a challenge to bring a designer that would match the symbolic meaning of this month, but not impossible.

After this lovely holiday, Estilo-Tendances will offer you the chance to win another Giveaway


Few words from Estilo-Tendances side


This designer in particular likes to push himself to new limits, creating things that were not done before and amaze everyone with his dreams. This is what happened last weekend, when he created a macaroons dress! Yep, you heard it right! He might be the first one to be in Guinness Book, as the creator of a comestible macaroon dress. Pretty amazing, right?

I was thinking that i might be cool, at my wedding, instead of cake, everyone to eat my dress, made of macaroons. Kind of crazy and fun at the same time.


Macaroon dress


I think i have said enough, now it is your time to get to know him

Daniel ignat-estilotendances


  • A few words about yourself

My name is Daniel Ignat, and I live in Timisoara, Romania. I graduated Plastic Arts and Clothing Design University in Timisoara and now i design in my own clothing workshop in Timisoara.

  • What is your dream and when did it started?

It has all started when I was a college student.

My dream has always been to build a fashion career and also an ample and diversified portfolio. But another passion of mine was to perform in different plays and one of the elements that have drawn my attention were the costumes. That was the point when I realized that this is what I want to do: create clothes and be a fashion designer, a dream which is true today.

Slowly, I was moving upward the scale, after university I had many fashion events and worked on projects and without even realizing I became what I have always wanted, a fashion designer. But i still have big dreams and high aspirations for the future.

  • Tell us more about what you do

Currently,I am the owner of a clothing workshop in Timisoara, where I spend most of my days working, sometimes even nights. But it is all worth it, because I want to see my career rising and my business developing more and more every day. I am currently working only with unique products and only for my presentation collections.

This summer, my newest collection will be launched and also the first serial collections. I will open the first clothing shops around the country and of course the online shop.

My collections vary from brides dresses, elegant dresses, office outfits, suits and stage costumes. People who buy clothes signed Daniel Ignat, stand out from the rest, weather because of the smart design, or the contrast of the textures. I always come up with something unexpected. I like to think of myself as being creative, original and unpredictable and I believe those 3 elements are combined in my products.

  • Why did you choose to follow your passion?

I’ve always thought that if you enjoy what you are doing, then you don’t even feel like working. That is the reason I have chosen to do this. It was hard, sometimes extremely hard, but I have always had people around me to help me advance in my career and move on.

  • Is it important that people do only what they love?

Yes, it is very important to do what you like, because if you do it with pleasure it will be seen in your work. For example, if your products are made with love, they will have a soul and a story behind them.

  • What qualities a person must have in order to succeed with their own dream?

Firstly, ambition and strength, these are the weapons that have to be always ready, then passion for what you fight and of course, a lot of talent.

  • What are your goals for the nearest future?

In the first place, opening  3 shops around the country, the online shop and of course, to be famous abroad. Second, launching the new collection in July, expanding my workshop and the showroom from Timisoara. These are just some of the plans for the nearest future.

  •  When things so south, where do you find strength to move forward?

There are always things which don’t work for us as we wanted them to. But the power of moving on and passing every obstacle in my way, I have it from my mother and from the beautiful souls of my friends. All these things, gathered together, give me strength and impulse.

  • Where do you get inspired from?

I am inspired by everything! By nature, architecture, by the sky, the people’s smiles and last but not least, the materials and textures, which seem to be talking to me.

  • Where can we find you if we want to buy your products?

Currently,on my personal profile on facebook and the official page: Atelier de Creatie Daniel Ignat. If you feel like talking to me direclt, you can call me at 00400760289866. Soon enough, i will be reached on the official website.

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