Why Should You Use Coconut Oils For Hair?

//Why Should You Use Coconut Oils For Hair?
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Wash, rinse, repeat. Dry, curl, flatten, repeat.

For most of us, this is part of our daily routine.

Are you noticing the effects? Is your hair crying out for help?

The abuse we put our lovely locks through each day can catch up. Our hair becomes dry and frizzy, we develop split ends, and sometimes we suffer from a dry, itchy scalp. But there’s hope.

Natural oils for hair are more popular than ever. And when it comes to soft, shiny, radiant hair: coconut is king.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of using coconut oil for your hair. And how easy it is to tame those tresses.

The Best Oils for Hair

Using natural oils is now a huge trend for DIYers who like to keep their beauty products natural. There are quite a few to choose from. Sunflower oil has gotten very popular too. But, by far, coconut is the best of all the oils for hair.

And the great news is that this isn’t some fly-by-night trend. It’s based on science.

Several recent studies have found that coconut oil is one of the few natural oils that prevent protein loss from the hair. It’s due to coconut oil’s specific chemical makeup.

Not a One Trick Pony

Using botanic and plant-based oils for hair is nothing new. The people of ancient India and the island-dwellers of Polynesia understood the benefits. The use of coconut oil as a natural hair product dates back centuries.

Besides creating soft, shiny hair, here are some of the other benefits associated with coconut oil applications to the hair:

  • Reduces breakage by strengthening the hair follicles
  • Prevents baldness
  • Works wonders on dandruff
  • An all natural hair conditioning product
  • Slows the development of gray hair
  • Protects hair from damage from the sun — some studies have shown coconut oil to have an SPF of 8
  • A natural styling product: apply, then style hair as it dries
  • Helps hair grow longer

In case you’re wondering, coconut oil offers more than shiny hair.

It’s currently used in products like Nuton MCT Oil as a non-carbohydrate energy source. If you’re on a Keto or Paleo diet, this product is an excellent choice for increasing metabolism.

Nuton MCT Oil is available to buy now for a limited time only. Derived from organic coconuts, you’ll feel healthy while fueling your day.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Your Hair

When it comes to natural oils for hair it’s important to go virgin. With the oils! The more unrefined the product the less added chemicals. Fractionated coconut oil is the best.

Here are the easy steps to getting that silky smooth, gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted:

Step 1

Pour a generous amount of hot or boiling water into a bowl or other container.

Step 2

Place 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil — more if your hair is long — into a smaller container (one that will fit into the water bowl, without the water flowing into it).

Step 3

Place the bowl with coconut oil into the hot water and watch how quickly it melts.**

**NOTE: Melting your coconut oil using this method it’s key. Using the microwave or heating the oil directly in a pan will degrade the product.

Step 4

Rub a generous amount between the palms of your hand and begin massaging the oil into your scalp. You can apply the oil to dry or damp hair, but it tends to coat damp hair better.

Step 5

Distribute the coconut oil by gently combing through your hair.

Step 6

Leave the coconut oil in for 30-45 minutes. Coconut oil is natural so it is safe to leave in overnight. Make sure to cover hair with a shower cap or other protection before hitting that pillow.

Step 7

Use a generous amount of shampoo to get all the oil out of your hair. You may actually need to use the old-fashioned “repeat” method to get your hair clean.

Step 8

Style hair as usual and get ready to wow your friends and co-workers.

Are You Nuts (for coconuts)?

In today’s environment, we are surrounded by unhealthy, unnatural chemicals.

That’s why, when we find a natural alternative we just have to share.

Have you tried using coconut oil for your hair? Have your results been amazing? Please share your story below.

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