Unique Gifts Your Partner in Wine Will Love

//Unique Gifts Your Partner in Wine Will Love
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Looking for the perfect gift for your partner in wine?

It can be difficult to think of unique gifts for that someone special in your life.

Wine lovers always appreciate a bottle of wine chosen just for them. But even though you may know that your partner loves wine, there are still so many choices!

So, how do you decide on a wine that suits your partner perfectly?

We’re here to help! Here’s a guide to buying unique gifts that every wine lover will love, no matter what their taste.

How to Choose Unique Gifts Your Wine Partner Will Love:

If your partner loves wine, you’re in luck! Finding unique gifts for the wine connoisseur is simple when you take into account a few considerations.

1. Consider the Type of Wine:

If your partner prefers white wine or you are able to keep the bottle chilled before it is presented, a Chardonnay is a classic and safe option. It is not too sweet and most wine aficionados consider it to be a staple in their collection.

Rose wines and Riesling tend to be high in sugar content. Sweeter wines are not typically favored among most people. Unless you know for sure that your partner enjoys sweet wines, it’s best to steer clear of these choices.

If you are not planning on keeping your wine chilled prior to your special occasion, you might fare better to choose a red wine.

Red wine comes in a wide variety of particular tastes. Red wine also pairs deliciously with hearty or gourmet meals. Many wine lovers believe that a specifically matched red brings out food’s flavors.

Merlot is a safe option for red wine. However, Pinot Noir is another popular choice. And then there are Cabernet, Shiraz and Port wines to consider.

Port wine is a dessert wine. If you want to enjoy your wine with a meal, you might stick with one of the other options.

If you know their preference, then you can’t lose if you stick with what they love. Otherwise, a nice Merlot or Chardonnay are good picks for almost anyone.

2. Consider Your Price Range:

Some of the best wine is naturally pricier. And for a special occasion, you might want to consider a splurge. But only you know what that means for your particular budget.

If you and your partner typically drink a bottle of wine that is in the $10 price range, a splurge might be $25. But, if this seems less expensive that what you would normally drink, perhaps a $25 bottle of wine isn’t the best choice for a special occasion.

You can always look over the choices offered and choose a nice, middle of the road priced bottle.

Then again, there are good brands that are less expensive. Many wine lovers like a basic wine as good as any.

If your budget allows, consider spending a little more for unique gifts that represent a special occasion.

3. Consider How to Present Your Gift:

Wine can be presented in a number of special ways. There is the option of a gift bag, hamper, gift basket, or just a simple bow.

Hampers and gift baskets can be special ordered and are typically the most elaborate way to present wine for cherished occasions. You can choose to add more than one type of wine, or couple the wine with specialty items that your partner will adore. For a great selection of gift baskets and hampers, visit ww.tasmaniangourmetgifts.com for unique gifts that any wine lover will love.

If you are looking for a more simple option, there are many wine gift bags available. And if you are short on time or celebrating a more commonplace occasion, you can always tie a pretty bow around the bottle.


Whatever you choose, your partner in wine will appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into buying a gift of wine chosen especially for them. With so many options, you are sure to find the ideal wine gift for your next special occasion.



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