Transform Your Home: The Top Tips for Hanging Art in Your Home

//Transform Your Home: The Top Tips for Hanging Art in Your Home
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Adorning your home with decorative art is not something to be taken lightly. It can completely transform your space and create the type of ambiance you want to live in on a daily. 

With that being said, there are a few things to remember and take into consideration when you’re giving your walls an artistic makeover. Keep reading to find out the top tips for hanging art in your home.

Assess the Room 

Before you start hanging art, you want to look around the room and decide what kind of vibe the area already has. This will give you an idea of how to begin arranging the artwork and which pieces would be appropriate in that particular room. 

You may have to move some of your furniture pieces around to show off the art more. This is a time to get very creative with the details. Basically, you want to help to add to the spirit that’s already established in the room. 

It may be helpful to check out some books on feng shui or other home decor methods that overlap with more in-depth techniques.

Have a Shape in Mind 

When it comes to actually hanging art on your walls, you may not know which creative direction you want to go in with the overall presentation. So here’s a pretty easy and straightforward idea to help you create something magical. 

Choose a shape and begin to use that as the outline for how you arrange your art. Now, you don’t have to only use basic shapes, such as triangles and squares. Try to think a little out of the box and make outlines of arrows, thunderbolts, stairway steps or whatever else might look good in the area. 

Even if you don’t have a particular shape in mind that you’d like to use, draw out potential shapes before you place anything on the walls. This way you can move pieces around without too much hassle.

Create a Storyline

You don’t have to stick to any particular theme color inside the lines when you’re hanging art on your walls. Have fun with telling a story with the images in your decor. This idea may come out looking a little more eccentric but it will definitely be an authentic presentation. 

Art galleries have a way of aligning an artist’s exhibit with the story and background of their lives, work and style. Keep this in mind when you are putting art pieces along your walls. Make every placement meaningful by arranging with intention.

Use Frames

There may be a chance that you’ll start to notice that your walls aren’t coming along the way you want or the artwork just doesn’t ‘pop’ the way you imaged. At this point, it might be time to invest in framing your pictures. 

Some artwork can absolutely stand alone without any framing. However, other times you need to give the artwork a border to help bring the piece into focus, especially if it’s surrounded by plenty of others.

Typically you can find frames at various department and decor stores. But you should also invest in custom framing for those special pictures that need their own unique touch.

Separate By Genres

Maybe you don’t want the contemporary artwork near the abstract artwork. Taking time to separate your art pieces by types could help to make things a lot more simple when it’s time to start hanging art. You might find that putting certain eras of art together just isn’t working.

This also gives each different art genre a chance to shine in its own respective space. You could even go as far as researching more about each individual piece to be able to put the most similar ones closer together. Your wall, your rules.

Mix & Match Artforms

On the other hand, you might actually want to add some variety to each different section. Mixing all of the artwork together could allow you to create a gumbo of expressions that actually compliment each other. And take a shot at putting them together even if they don’t necessarily “go together”.

Also, don’t just focus on mixing pictures up. Add in all types of art forms, including sculptures, textured pieces, bookshelves, etc. Be experimental with functionality, organization and creativity.

Pick Themes for Each Room

This could work very well for people who have a lot of art to display. Go through every room and choose a theme for each room. Then go through your art and decide which pieces will fit into each of the themes.

Get creative with deciding themes. Arrange the rooms by color, art era or even origin of the piece. It might feel like more of a fun art project than a day of hanging art and redecorating your home.

Keep It Simple

Last, but certainly not least, just keep things simple. Hang your art in a straight line to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Get a few frames that are all the same to help keep things in unison.

You might also want to only choose a few pieces to put up so the wall doesn’t begin to look cluttered. Do this in every room to keep a consistently clean look around the house.

Interested in More Tips on Hanging Art and Home Decor?

How you choose to decorate your home is an extension of your personal style. So when you’re hanging art think of what looks and feels best to you. You don’t need to follow any specific guidelines for getting it right.

If you’re still looking to find your personal style then trying out different things from these tips should help. Also, check out our blog for more guidance on conversation adding more style and beauty to your life.

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