Toys Aren’t the Only Gift: 5 Fun Gift Card Ideas for Your Kids

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If you’re thinking about buying a toy for a child for their birthday or for a holiday, you might want to think again.

Studies have shown that the average child owns more than 70 toys. They’ve also revealed that kids accumulate more than $6,500 worth of toys during their childhoods.

So rather than getting a child yet another toy, why not consider giving them one of the many gift cards for kids instead? It’ll give them the chance to pick out something that they want instead of simply adding one more toy to their collection.

Here are five fun gift card ideas for kids.

1. Movie Theater Gift Card

Most kids love going to the movies. But unfortunately, it’s become difficult for their parents to take them due to rising movie ticket prices.

The average movie ticket costs almost $10 today—and that’s before you purchase popcorn, candy, and soda!

This is why movie theater gift cards are some of the best gift cards for kids. You’ll allow a child who might not get to go to the movies very often to go and see a new flick.

2. Clothing Gift Card

This gift card might sound like it’s better suited for the parents of kids as opposed to the kids themselves. It’s the parents, after all, who are spending nearly $2,000 every year to buy clothes for everyone in their household.

But hear us out! When you give a child a clothing gift card, you can provide them with an opportunity to buy whichever clothes they want to buy. It’ll help them start to establish their own sense of style from a young age.

3. Sporting Goods Gift Card

There are about 45 million kids who play an organized sport. If you’re shopping for a young athlete, why not give them a gift card that’ll allow them to buy a piece of sports equipment that they need?

A child can use a sporting goods gift card to buy a baseball bat, a pair of basketball sneakers, or a tennis racket without having to ask mom and dad for money.

4. Bookstore Gift Card

Sadly, about one-third of teenagers admit that they don’t read for pleasure. You can’t force a child to read, but you can encourage them to do it with a bookstore gift card.

Kids are more likely to read when they have the option of picking out their own books. They’ll be able to do that with a gift card to a local bookstore.

5. Restaurant Gift Card

Kids don’t often have a say in where they go to eat when their parents take them out. Change that for a night by giving a child a gift card to a restaurant that they like.

Many restaurants use all kinds of cool gift certificates templates to create gift cards for kids. The right template will get a child excited about taking everyone out to eat with their gift card.

Go With One of These Gift Cards for Kids Over Toys

Kids love unwrapping toys, but once the unwrapping is over, a lot of excitement goes away. That won’t be the case when they open up one of these gift cards for kids.

Kids will look forward to spending their gift card on something they really want. It’ll make the gift card that you give them one of the best gifts they get on their birthday or a holiday.

Want some more great gift ideas for kids? Browse through our blog to find them.

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