Top 5 Water Sports That Are Great for Your Fitness (And Totally Fun)

//Top 5 Water Sports That Are Great for Your Fitness (And Totally Fun)
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Most people think of exercising only in terms of going to the gym. Yet, water sports can provide a great platform for fitness and fun. You just need to know which sports are the best ones.

Physical activity is good for your health and body. For one, it helps you lose or maintain a certain weight. It also lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease. This includes reducing blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels.

Moreover, it reduces your risk of cancer or diabetes. It strengthens your bones and muscles and gives you greater balance. Last, it improves the quality of your life and your mental health.

You can get many other benefits if you are doing the right physical activities. Thus, let’s dive in and review the best water sports for your fun and fitness.

The Best Water Sports for your Fun and Fitness

Last year, water sports made up about 13.4 percent of the overall sports. Surprisingly, they separated it from fitness sports, which stood at about 63.8 percent. Even so, water sports can play a large role in exercising and keeping fit.

Here are the best options you should consider:

1. Swimming

At the top of the list is swimming. You have the option of using different strokes, which burn a lot of calories. For example, the butterfly technique burns the most, followed by breaststroke.

Swimming will strengthen your whole body as you’ll be doing many moves. And if you get tired, you can still work out by walking in the water. Moreover, you can try to do water aerobics as well.

You can even use it as part of your weight loss plan. It will be more fun and less demoralizing than going for a dull gym workout.

2. Water Polo

If you are very competitive, then water polo is the sport for you. It involves a lot of movement and jumping in the water. There’s also a lot of pulling from the rival team.

This kind of resistance will improve your strength. It will also tone your muscles and strengthen your core.

3. Surfing

Being a surfer gives you a special kind of freedom on the water. Yet, despite being fun, it will be exercising many parts of your body. This includes your legs, arms, and torso. Moreover, carrying the surfboard will help you build muscle and strength.

There are many options for men and womens wetsuits available when surfing. The key is to find something comfortable that will give you the right insulation.

4. Wake Boarding

Next is wakeboarding. It involves standing on a small board and being pulled in the water by a motorboat. Your job is to hang on tightly to the cable and surf or ski on the water.

This sport involves a lot of skill. It will improve your strength, concentration, and agility. It will also tone your legs and improve your balance.

5. Kayaking

Last, we have kayaking. It looks simple at first, then you start rowing and you start feeling the effects. It will exercise your arms, back, shoulders, and core. It will also strengthen your legs as you use them to control your position on the kayak.

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As you can see, the water sports above are fun yet taxing on the body. Such workouts will improve your cardiovascular and physical fitness. Plus, you can share these experiences with others, which is good for your social life.

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