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Contemplating a meat-free lifestyle? Consider joining the 7.3 million Americans who have committed to vegetarianism.

If you go vegetarian, not only are you helping animals and the environment, you are also helping your physical health.

Let’s get into some of the top health reason why a plant-based diet may be best for you!

Reduce Cancer Risk

Emerging research shows that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of developing certain kinds of cancers.

When you go vegetarian, it’s easy to eat plenty of produce. After all, it tends to become one of the main staples in your diet.

Produce is associated with many important nutrients and vitamins and higher levels of fiber. These are all very good for reducing your cancer risk.

Reduce Type II Diabetes Risk

Chances are, you’ve heard the scary statistics for developing diabetes. Prevention is key when it comes to offsetting your risk – and that means taking a good, long look at your diet.

Research shows that low-fat, plant-based diets can help increase blood sugar stabilization and insulin sensitivity. They can also help lower hemoglobin A1c levels, which is critical for staving off development of diabetes.

Reduce High Cholesterol

One of the biggest problems with the standard American diet is the abnormally high risk of developing high cholesterol.

Fortunately, a vegetarian diet helps reduce this concern, as cholesterol comes from saturated fat and trans fat. These are common in fatty, meat-heavy diets.

High cholesterol levels are associated with a variety of concerning issues. These include strokes, heart disease, and artery disease.

Improve Gut Health

Things feel a bit off with your digestive system? It could be your diet. Our digestive system produces bacteria.

Having good bacteria is actually associated with supporting your immune system and regulating important hormones.

Many plant-based foods can help stimulate good bacteria production in your digestive system. Remember, a healthy digestive system is important for maintaining your health.

Improve Overall Mood

Going vegetarian can powerfully impact your mental state. From feeling more connected to the planet and yourself to increase your awareness of ascension symptoms, eliminating meat may just be the key to feeling happier.

First of all, you no longer have to deal with the guilt of eating dead animals.

Second of all, you can rest easy knowing that you are being kinder to the environment.

Who wouldn’t be happy over that?

Let’s Get You Ready to Go Vegetarian!

Changing your diet is a great way to improve both your physical and mental well-being.

At Estilo Tendencies, we’re passionate about your health. From making sure you get enough protein to joining the raw food movement, we’re here to support you on your journey towards vegetarianism.

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