How to Pull Off Vintage Interior Design And Still Look Modern

//How to Pull Off Vintage Interior Design And Still Look Modern
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Taking on a design project for your home or apartment is no simple task.

There are many things to think about to get the look and feel just right. From the flooring to the lighting, the color of the walls, and the kind of furniture you want, every detail matters.

Not to mention, you have to make sure all your decorating ideas fit a certain interior design style! The kinds of interior design range from modern and industrial approaches to shabby chic and vintage interior design. As such, it can be hard to decide what to pick, and even harder to make two design styles blend.

But, blending even the most contrasting looks – like vintage and modern – isn’t impossible. You just have to know what you’re getting yourself into!

Here are a few ways to make vintage design and modern decor blend perfectly.

Turn Vintage Pieces Into Modern Accents

You don’t have to sacrifice your love of vintage interior design if you’re moving into a home with a modern feel. If you don’t believe us, click to see page all about making vintage things look new.

The trick is to get creative about how to make the two work together.

Instead of trying to make the whole home vintage, train your eye for design to turn your favorite old-time pieces into beautiful accents for a modern home. Some of the best ideas won’t be the most obvious, but they will look just right as each room is finished.

The following are a few ways to transform classic vintage looks to fit with a modern style.

Vintage Wall Decor

When most people think of wall decor, the first things that come to mind tend to be things like photos and mirrors. These make walls more interesting and can open up space when used in the right way.

If you have a vintage mirror laying around or old, worn photos that have a cool character to them, find a place to display them. Such items look great in the living room, as small details in walkways, or even as the final touch to a kitchen or dining room.

But, there are other kinds of wall decorations that may not come to mind right away. Do you have a set of vintage teacups you adore? A collection of old photo frames you can’t see yourself getting rid of?

As unconventional as it might sound, you can hang these things on the walls as they are. A small teacup display is a beautiful, unique addition to a bare kitchen wall.

Similarly, you don’t need to actually place pictures in every photo frame you own. Set up an arrangement of photos and empty vintage frames on a wall instead. This creates a look that will capture the attention of anyone who walks in.

Vintage, Repurposed Furniture

Just like you can find a new use for small vintage interior design items, you can do the same with big pieces of furniture, too. Again, it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box.

A tall vintage dresser doesn’t have to go in the bedroom. It can be a beautiful display for your fancy plates and silverware instead.

Or, take it on the back patio and turn it into a stand for your potted plants. Keep in mind you’ll have to remove the doors or always leave them open for this idea to work.

Other vintage furniture pieces you can repurpose include a desk, mirror, reading chair, or a dining set. Depending on the size of the desk, you may have a new place to set up your home bar or a little stand to put in a hallway. Reading chairs can add character to the living room setup or fit nice and snug into the corner of your bedroom.

Create a 50/50 Modern and Vintage Interior Design Blend

As great as it can be to find ways to use vintage interior design pieces as accents, you may want to really make this style known in your home. This is a tougher design challenge, but still something you can accomplish.

To make your vintage interior design approach pop even more, make use of:

Lighting Displays and Window Treatments

If you think you’ve already done everything to make a modern room look a little more vintage, look up. The lights in a room are a great opportunity to blend different interior design styles together.

Not to mention, some vintage lights are absolutely beautiful.

While you contemplate different lighting ideas, keep two things in mind. The first is to be conscious of the wiring that’s already in place and the kind of electrical sources there are around the room. The other is to make sure the lighting fixtures and natural light complement each other.

To get the most out of your natural light, look into the different vintage window treatments you can do. While it pays to have the most up to date kinds of windows, the curtains, and rods used to accent them are totally up to you.

Colors and Placement

The color and placement of everything in a room also play into how vintage interior design and modern decor come together.

If you think one of your vintage pieces may not look right somewhere, consider changing the color. Make it a shade that blends in a little more and watch how this changes the overall look and feel.

For a more bold take on this tip, change the color of the wall in the room! You don’t have to paint the entire room. But, one accent wall can create a big difference in how vintage and modern looks come together.

Interior Design Made Simple

Whether you’re transforming the whole design of your home or just looking for ways to switch things up a bit, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to mesh vintage with modern – and many other styles out there to choose from, too.

Sometimes, all it takes to create the right look in your home is to get your creative juices flowing. Dedicate some time to looking at different interior design ideas and see what speaks to you.

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