Top 10 Hair Styling Trends to Look for in 2018

//Top 10 Hair Styling Trends to Look for in 2018
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Are you looking for new hair styling trends? Do you want to cut and style your hair to stay in and trendy for 2018?

Women spend an average of $257.42 per year for their hair. Only $40 of this goes to a haircut and the remaining amount is for hair care services. This includes hair dyes, straightening, and more.

Knowing that amount, you’ll want to get the perfect hairstyle to fit your budget. At the same time, you’ll want to look trendy and ahead of the curb.

With that in mind, here are 10 hair styling trends to look for next year!

1. Natural Loose Waves

Natural, long hair is becoming a new staple for runway shows and modeling aficionados. Effortless textures that showcase freedom of movement are taking over polished curls. This is the most popular look coming in 2018.

You can achieve this hairstyle with only water and softly combing through it with your hands and fingers. Some stylists use a curling iron to create soft bends while still maintaining a natural appearance.

2. More Volume

Adding volume to hair is always popular in the south. It is now becoming popular everywhere else too. This hairstyle focuses a lot on bouncy, thicker tresses.

This look gives a woman a healthier appearance and pairs well with over-sized hairstyles. Topknots and wide braids do wonders for this look. Many stars, such as country singer Miranda Lambert, sported this look.

3. Short Bobs

Chin-level bobs with layers on the inside are also becoming a trend for 2018. They work best with curly and disheveled hair. Lengths are commonly shown brushing the earlobes and cut with a light trim to give it an edgy and youthful look.

Short bobs were popular hair styling trends during the late 1990’s, thanks in particular to Vogue models and the character Trinity in the film “The Matrix.” An extra short bob will give you a pixie-like aesthetic which works well with women who have small faces.

4. Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytails are a consistent staple throughout the years but in 2018 they’ll feature a few new twists. During the Alexander McQueen show, several models on the runway used a variety of new ponytail styles. Some were loose, others featuring upward loops, and others were coming undone.

One constant element to all of these ponytail variations was that they were all worn at the nape of the neck. This gives a comfortable, undone look to the ponytails. It is a look that will pair nicely with the year’s fashion trends.

5. Tribal Plaits

Model Hiandra Martinez opened the Saint Laurent fashion show sporting high plaits and dreadlocks. This look gives a rebellious, warrior look and is becoming a favorite among designers and models. Feminist groups are also adopting this look to showcase a non-conformist stand.

This look was popular during the mid-2000’s. NBA player Allen Iverson popularized the look and women adapted ever since. It is most recently seen worn by women in the show “The 100.”

Fans of “Game of Thrones” are also picking up on the plaits worn by the character Daenerys Targaryen. This type of tribal plaits goes horizontally to the back. Designers pull the hair above the plaits straight back while the hair below the plaits is naturally curly.

6. Long Fringes, Side-Parting

Extended bangs look good regardless of hair styling trends but designers are giving it a new spin. It adds intrigue to a woman and softly frames the face when paired with straight, long hair. This type of hairstyle works for women aiming to get a complete makeover on a budget.

Long, side-parting fringes are so popular that many runway shows featured it. The Louis Vuitton runway, Carolina Herrera, and the Lanvin runway all showcased women sporting this look.

7. Sleek and Wet

This look came back into the spotlight in early 2017 and it is coming back in 2018. This look focuses on straight and lacquered hair. Audiences got a look at this in the film “Blade Runner 2046” and on the Defile Sportmax runway.

It was a popular look in the 1980’s and is seeing resurgence today. One main difference is that designers are giving it a more relaxes look. Using a swipe of the hand instead of a comb also gives it extra height and thickness.

8. Bright, Acid Colors

Back in the 1950’s, only 7% of women dyed their hair. Times are changing and by 2015, this percentage rose to 75%. Coloring women’s hair also saw a spike in popularity during the mid-1980’s and late 1990’s.

Bright, acid colors, in particular, are more popular these days. Neon pink, blue, and green were at the Gucci and Versace runway shows. It is important to note that hydrating and proper hair care is necessary when going for this type of look.

9. Bangs

Bangs or fringes are coming back and in a big way. They are most popularly seen as accessories to the main haircut. Bangs of any length or thickness were at the Hermes and Louis Vuitton runway shows.

Keep in mind that fringes look their best when they complement the face and the haircut around it. Bangs complement long, natural hair more so than any other haircut. You can get awesome bangs at Balance hair salon.

10. Choppy Layers with Fringes

The one short-hair look that pairs well with bangs is the 1990’s choppy haircut. Choppy layers with short fringes give a rebellious but feminine look.

Artists like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift all used this look over the years. It gives off a reckless and care-free appearance that also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Rockstar singer Joan Jett sported this look throughout her career and she is popular for her rebellious persona.

You don’t have to limit yourself to short lengths. If you want to pull this look off with long hair you can but it does need more attention to detail. Doing this will give you a more 1980’s hairstyle similar to what glam metal rock stars did.

Want More Hair Styling Trends?

Did any of these hair styling trends click with you? Do you want to try some of them out?

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