After confining winter, spring and summer are absolutely liberating. As they both are just around the corner, we are all looking forward to welcoming sunny mornings, spring breaks, vacations, cocktails, beaches and bikinis. But these seasons also bring some skin problems. Nothing that cannot be fixed with some simple tips for oily skin.

For people with oily skin, summer can be a nightmare. With scorching temperatures and rising humidity, the skin secretes excess oil from sebaceous glands which can cause pimples, acne and inflammation of the skin. But it needn’t be a nightmare for oily skin.

Here are few tips for oily skin which can help your skin glow without any blemishes.

Tips For Oily Skin

I have gathered 13 important and natural tips for oily skin which should make each of our lives much easier and happier. It’s not a bad thing to have oily skin. If you have a proper diet, meaning you drink a lot of water and try to eat as healthy as you possibly can, and if you also love to workout, then your oily skin problems can be avoided. Just have confidence!

#1 Drink Plenty Of Water 

tips for oily skin

Drinking water helps in regulating the excess oil production in the skin. One must drink minimum 8 glasses of water to keep their skin oil free and their body healthy. While working or going out, always keep a stainless steel bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

You can also add slices of fresh fruits like lemon, strawberry or cucumber to your water in case you find it boring to drink just plain water.

#2 Eat Healthy 

tips for oily skin

Another important tip from the tips for oily skin category is to incorporate lots of fresh fruit and leafy vegetables. They contain Vitamin B12 which helps in controlling the oil secretion in the body. Another important aspect is that fried and sugary food, soft drinks and alcohol should not be consumed in excess.

#3 Use Vitamin C 

tips for oily skin

These free radicals break down protein and increase the sebum production in the skin. Excess sebum production can cause acne and inflammation. Vitamin C is a very useful vitamin. It helps in preventing breakouts on the skin as it breaks down the free radicals making them harmless on skin.

A very easy way to get it is to have warm lemon water with honey on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Lemon water not only detoxes your body but also flushes out all of the toxins and bacteria which can cause acne.

#4 Gentle Cleansing 

tips for oily skin

One might think that a strong face cleanser will remove all the oil on the face but, actually, it will just strip the essential fatty acids of the face and make it dry and sallow. So, a good idea is to get a face wash which is quite gentle on the skin.

Wash your face with warm water and not hot water as it can again irritate the skin. Also, you don’t need to keep washing your face every 2 hours. Cleaning it once in the morning and evening is just fine.

#5 Tone It 

After cleansing, toning is an essential part of skin care regime, therefore of the tips for oily skin. It helps with removing excess oil and the layer of dirt. A simple toner can be made at home by mixing one teaspoon spoon of lemon juice and rosewater.  Apply it on a clean cotton ball and after a while, wash it. Your skin will feel soft and supple.

#6 Moisturise Your Skin Daily 

tips for oily skin

There is a common myth that people with oily skin don’t need to use moisturiser. Oily skin needs moisturising as well as any other skin type. Look for a water or gel-based moisturisers instead of oily moisturisers. Water-based moisturisers will keep your skin hydrated and happy.

#7 Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

tips for oily skin

Exfoliation is an important part of skincare, especially for people with oily skin. Excess oil, dirt & dead cells on the face can clog skin pores and cause unsightly blackheads and acne. A gentle scrub can remove the grime, dead cells and excess oil.

A homemade scrub can turn out to be very useful. You can mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt or sugar and honey. Apply it on your face, then gently and lightly massage it to your skin. Then, wash it with water and pat dry. You will surely feel a difference on your skin. Just make sure you are not scrubbing more than once a week.


#8 Face Packs 

Some tips for oily skin also include using face packs. They can help in absorbing excess oil. There are clay packs which contain Caolin that you can get from the market. Caolin helps in absorbing excess oil & grime from the skin. Apply it and leave it on your face for a few minutes.  After it dries up, wash it with water. Excess oil will be gone in no time.

#9 Wear Sunscreen 

tips for oily skin

Summer is really harsh on everybody’s skin so wearing sunscreen is recommended for every skin type –  from normal to dry and oily. A good sunscreen helps in preventing wrinkles and skin cancer. For oily skin, it’s important to use a sunscreen which does not feel very heavy on your face. It should be just like your moisturiser – water or gel-based so that it does not clog the pores.

#10 Makeup 

tips for oily skin

If you wear makeup, buy mineral-based makeup kits. They don’t clog the pores as they are oil-free and prevent any growth of bacteria on the skin. With oily skin, we should not use multiple layers of makeup. Simple tinted moisturisers can really do the trick.

#11 Remove Makeup 

tips for oily skin

This is one of the most important tips for oily skin. If makeup is not thoroughly removed, it can cause breakouts. So, just before sleeping, make sure you have removed all of your daywear makeup and cleaned and moisturised your skin so that it can breathe.

#12 Exercise

tips for oily skin

Some of the important tips for oily skin include ways of exercising regularly. With a good workout, sweat can flush out all the accumulated dirt on your skin. A workout can be a long walk in the morning or dancing in your room. After a workout, it is important to clean your face thoroughly to remove all the sweat and dirt.


#13 Don’t Stress Out 

tips for oily skin

When we are stressed, our bodies produce hormones which cause more oil production in our bodies. A good idea is to relax, breathe deeply, meditate and remember the famous quote  “Que Sera Sera” ( What will be, will be).

If you are blessed with oily skin, remember you have an advantage over the other skin types. You will wrinkle less and age more slowly. Just make sure you follow a right diet, skin care and exercise, and your skin will glow. If you follow these 13 easy steps, you will no longer have “oily” problems. Just try them and let us know!

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