How to Throw a Dog Birthday Party Like a Rockstar

//How to Throw a Dog Birthday Party Like a Rockstar
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The best dog owners don’t just love their pets more than most humans. They also know when it is time to celebrate.

If your favorite pooch has a birthday coming up part of being a great companion is taking the lead and planning a bash! And if it’s your first time planning and hosting a dog birthday party, don’t worry we have you covered.

Followed these tips and your celebration will be fit for the gossip column and the celebrity pages too:

Plan for Success

A dog birthday party requires proper planning. True celebrities may even want to hire a party planner to help bring the occasion off without a hitch.

The essentials are:

  • Great dogs
  • Decent people
  • Amazing food
  • The perfect venue

Part of the planning for your dog party should be scouting locales. Something far enough away that the junkyard mutts don’t crash but close enough that the A-listers make it is ideal.

Dog Birthday Party Invites

You want a great crowd to get the party off the ground. That doesn’t mean a huge party– sometimes an elite guest list is best for the rockstar treatment.

And you don’t have to spend the entire budget getting the invites out there though. Wholesale dog birthday cards and invites are a great way to get the word out and celebrate.

Go All Out on the Food

Exclusive dog birthday party guests will expect the best. The dogs might bring their owners too, so you need to plan a few menus.

But as we all know, rockstar dogs demand the best in dining. You may want to choose a theme or a specific diet to keep things with the newest trends.

Why don’t you take a page from the Celebrity Dog Watcher how-to guide and serve up some trendy dishes for doggie dining?

Cater to the Elite

If your local food truck or eatery isn’t offering catering for your dog and their friends, why bother? Celebrity dogs and rock star pups deserve the finest in cuisine.

A catered affair is more likely to be the talk of the town. Talk to your favorite restaurant and see what they can mix up.

Make sure they know the list of people foods to avoid serving to pets though. Nothing ruins a great party like the guests taking ill when they get home.

Watch Out for the Pup-arazzi!

What’s a rockstar dog birthday party without an exclusive guest list? It never hurts to do some networking with the biggest names in the dog world while having a birthday blast.

If you’re wondering which exclusive dog stars to send an invite to we can help. The dog stars of Instagram aren’t just great to watch and follow– they may add a touch of glitz and glamour to your dog’s special day.

There are dogs on Instagram that are too cute not to follow. But they are just cute enough to make your party great!

They might just show up with the pup-arazzi! Send a paper invite or a virtual tail wag their way.

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