This Is Ladies Night! How to Go Clubbing with the Girls

//This Is Ladies Night! How to Go Clubbing with the Girls
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Alcohol-related crashes kill 10,000 people per year in the United States.

Many of these drivers were drinking at a nightclub before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Going clubbing with your girls is one of the most fun activities that can be done all year long. Clubbing has been a staple girls’ night out activity for decades and for good reason. There is no better way to let loose on the weekend than to hit the club with your favorite ladies.

However, staying safe at the club and on the way home could save your life. Even if you are not driving, getting in the car with someone who has been could end your life.

Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of your night and how to go clubbing with your girls.

How to Go Clubbing

If this is your first time clubbing, let’s start with the basics. You might be wondering what clubs are like and what to do in a night club.

Going out clubbing should be fun and a way to reduce stress. It’s important to know how to act in a club, what to bring and what not to bring, and what to expect when going out clubbing.

The most important thing to remember as a first-timer is that safety comes first. While your girls will have your back, strangers in a nightclub might not have your best interest at heart.

Don’t stress too much but do be aware of your surroundings. Planning ahead is the best way to stay safe and stress-free while at the club.

Before the Club

First, let’s start with some tips on how to prepare before you even get to the club.

Doing your research and arriving at the club safely and in style will allow you to focus on having fun. Whether you have never been to a club before or you are a weekend warrior, the following tips will make your ladies night out one to remember.

Assemble Your Crew

One of the most important ways to prepare for your night out is by bringing the right group of ladies. Who you go to the club with is more important than where you go or what you wear.

If you aren’t super close with the group you are going with, make sure you bring at least one friend who you trust. The two of you can watch each other’s backs. It’s okay to bring your boyfriend too.

What to Bring

Make sure to bring your I.D. and make sure it’s not expired. If you are under the legal age for admission into the club, don’t try to sneak in. You don’t want to be that girl and ruin the night for everyone.

Even if you are above the legal age, bring your I.D. They will check it!

Avoid bringing large cameras. It’s okay to bring small digital cameras.

Try not to bring anything too large or bulky. Smaller items, like a Suorin pocket vape are perfectly acceptable.

Arrange Transporation

Do not drive. I repeat, unless you are the designated driver, do not drive.

It’s best to arrange for someone not in your group to drop off and pick up the group. If someone in your group is responsible for driving, make sure they are not drinking.

To avoid that risk altogether, arrange for transportation in advance. This is one of the most important tips for the safety of yourself and others.

Knowing how you will get home will mean one less thing to worry about while you are out.

Dress Carefully

If you know what club you are going to, check their website in advance to see if they have a dress code. If not, it’s safe to wear a dress and a pair of heels.

Also, don’t forget about accessories.

Choose a pair of heels that are comfortable as you will be on your feet all night. If you can’t stand to wear heels all night, try flats or wedges. Dress sexy but not like a prostitute.

Manage Your Expectations

Nightclubs in real life are not always like they appear on TV. While you might run into some shady characters, if you are mindful and stay aware of your surroundings you will be safe.

Clubs are loud, crowded, and hot. Not all DJs are going to be your favorite. But that is what makes clubbing fun. Be aware of the realities of the nightlife and you will not be disappointed.

It’s all about who you are with.


Whether you choose to drink beforehand or not, you can get in the clubbing mood before you even arrive at the club.

One of the best ways to get pumped up for the club is by listening to music that will hype you up. Once you arrive, you and your group will be ready to hit the dance floor and make the most of your time there.

At the Club

The most important tip for making the most of your night at the club is to fake it until you make it.

Don’t act like it’s your first time at the club or your friends might give you a hard time. Act like you know what you are doing and no one will question you. Focus on having fun and don’t sweat the little things.

Don’t Be a Wallflower

You don’t want to be the one person who isn’t having a good time.

Let yourself enjoy the night and give in to the music. Everyone will be dancing and having a good time. If you are the odd one out in the corner, you are more likely to be noticed than if you have terrible dance moves but are trying your best.

Maintain a positive attitude and your positive energy will radiate to the rest of your group. If there is someone in your group who isn’t feeling it, don’t let them ruin your fun.

Stay Sane

While you want to have fun, don’t overdo it and embarrass yourself. Don’t be one of those girls who is screaming in the club.

Don’t take your shoes off in the club. Be polite to both men and women.

If a man you are not interested in makes a move, let him down firmly but politely. Avoid altercations with other women. Accidents like spilled drinks will happen and it’s okay.

Just relax and have fun. You don’t want to cause a scene and embarrass yourself or your friends.

Drink, But Not Too Much

If it’s your first time at the club, don’t feel pressured to order alcohol. You can order a non-alcoholic drink to feel more comfortable if you are the only one not drinking.

It’s better to not drink than to drink too much. You want to maintain awareness and it’s easier to do this when you are sober. If you do choose to drink, handle your liquor.

Pay Attention

Keep your eye on your drink and any other belongings. You should watch the bartender mix your drink and if you forget about it and leave it somewhere, order a new one.

Be careful if you leave the club with a stranger. Don’t give out personal information to strangers.

Relax and Have Fun

It’s important to be cautious, but you are there to have a good time.

It’s okay to talk to that cute guy. Even if you are not the best dancer, you should hit the dance floor. No one is going to be judging your moves unless they are too extreme.

Don’t try too hard and don’t try too hard to be sexy. It’s best to start with something simple like a side to side sway with your arm raised.

Don’t stay in one spot all night. Grab your trusted buddy and mingle amongst the crowd. You never know who you might meet.

After the Club

The most important thing when the party is over is making sure you get home safely.

Hopefully, you pre-arranged transportation. If you haven’t been drinking, not even one drink, you can drive.

However, if you have been drinking do not get behind the wheel of a car. It’s not worth the risk. Call a friend or a rideshare driver if you live too far to walk.

Keep in mind that if you do meet a man at the club, you should not expect too much from him once the party is over. While it is possible to find love in a club, most people are just there to have fun.

If it’s your first time clubbing, be careful not to get caught up in the atmosphere and keep your expectations true to reality.

For More Tips

Now that you have some basic tips on how to go clubbing, the world is your oyster.

No matter your age, you and your favorite ladies can explore the nightlife in your town. Clubbing is what you make it and you are sure to strengthen your bond as well as meet new friends.

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