This Is How to Tint Your Eyelashes Correctly

//This Is How to Tint Your Eyelashes Correctly
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If you’re aiming to get fulller-looking eyelashes, lash tinting is an excellent choice.

Before you decide whether this beauty secret is right for you, it’s important to know how to tint your eyelashes for a stunning effect.

Read on to discover the steps and tricks of tinting your eyelashes so you can kiss that annoying mascara goodbye.

Eyelash Tinting Basics

You can think of eyelash tinting as a similar process to having your roots touched up with hair dye. This special dye will give your lashes a fuller, more intense effect by making them darker and adding definition to the eyes.

A special eyelash tint dye is used for this process, and it’s specially formulated to be safe to use around the eyes. A typical application should take from 30 to 40 minutes at most to get your desired look. Once complete, your lashes should look thicker instantly.

How to Tint Your Eyelashes: Prep

Before you learn how to tint your eyelashes, you’ll need to have them prepped and ready. Clean your eyelashes and all around the eye area using a gentle cleanser or makeup remover. There should be no cosmetics or skincare products anywhere around the eyes and lashes.

It’s important to use an oil-free cleanser, since oil buildup won’t allow the eyelash tint to adhere to your lashes. Clean your eye area thoroughly and make sure everything is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Prep the Dye

You can tint your eyelashes yourself or go to a professional salon. Once your eye area and lashes are clean, it’s time to start prepping the dye so you can tint your eyelashes. Place some of the cream color and activator gel on a flat surface like a tray or piece of thick cardboard.

When you place these two items on your prep surface, do not let them come into contact with each other. Look for a plastic tray with separate compartments so you can keep the two items apart until it’s time to move on.

Apply Undereye Patches

Special undereye patches are applied to protect your skin and ensure an even application. You can apply the patches using a small amount of petroleum jelly to keep them in place.

Eyelash tint can stain the skin, so it’s important that you don’t skip this step. Try to get the eye patch as close to under your bottom lash line as possible.

The Tinting Process

With your lashes clean and your skin protected, you can grab your wand or applicator and start applying the cream color to your lashes. It’s best to apply the coloring to one strip of your eyelashes at a time. You can use a clean mascara wand to brush any clumps through and to ensure an even application.

After the cream color is applied, do the same thing with the activator gel. This will activate the tint and start the dyeing process. Wait for the time specified on the packaging to allow the tint to take hold. Once complete, you can remove any lefotver dye with a clean tissue.

Get Gorgeous Lashes with Tinting

Now that you know how to tint your eyelashes, you can create beautiful, darker lashes in no time. Make sure you apply the product to clean, dry lashes for amazing results.

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