The Tinder Background Check: How to Properly Vet Your Dates

//The Tinder Background Check: How to Properly Vet Your Dates
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Found someone amazing on Tinder?

That’s amazing! Tinder changed dating forever with its simplicity and reliability. Finding someone you’re compatible with is as easy as swiping on your phone.

However, you shouldn’t go out immediately to meet someone you met online. Run a Tinder background check to make sure you’re not walking into danger. Though slim, there’s the chance the person you’re about to meet could harm you. 

But don’t worry, we’re going to show you how to verify and check a person on Tinder. Read on and learn which questions to ask on Tinder and other important verification steps:

1. Google Searches

The first step for a successful Tinder background check is to get the person’s real name. 

If you can, ask for their birthdate and the company they work for too. This makes searching a whole lot easier since searching their name on Google should provide all the details you need.

What if they use an alias?

You can still get answers with the company name and their profile picture. Run a Google reverse image check to find any pages featuring the same photo — you might find their real Facebook account this way or any listing on sex offender lists.

Using their company name, get on Google and type their name followed by “site:company,” removing the comma and replacing “company” with the business name they provide. This type of search will hunt down any mention of their name on the company’s site.

2. In-Depth Social Media Dive

Found their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Take an hour or two to dive deep into their profiles. 

You first have to determine if you’re looking at their real account or an alias account. Use the method above to find their real one. Once on their genuine social media accounts, look for things like mutual friends and places they’ve been to.

Take the time to check their posts and photos. You’ll want to look for any indication of criminal activity, poor relationship handling, and insight on their personal views on politics, crime, religion, and more.

3. Running a Criminal Background Check

Did your investigation lead to some questionable results? Found a few images of your potential Tinder date snorting what looks like drugs or videos of them hanging out at the red light district?

You can run a criminal background check if you feel worried. Some places require you to appear in person while some towns and states offer online tools. 

4. Official Lists

Here’s a quick way to check on someone: if they said they’re a professional of some sort, double-check on an official list. Doctors and lawyers, for example, should appear on the official list of licensed professionals. Check the state medical board or the lawyers’ bar for their name.

5. Quick Tinder Background Check

Got a feeling this isn’t the person’s only Tinder account? Do you suspect they’re hiding more than meets the eye? You can use tools to run a Tinder profile search.

Some people use these tools to check if their spouse is cheating on them. You can use them to hunt down past accounts or run a Tinder background check.

Stay Safe and Check Before Dating!

Don’t go out and date anyone you meet online without running a Tinder background check first. They might seem sweet and honest while chatting but it’s always safer to know for sure. 

If they turn out to be honest and great, then admit to them you did a background check. It’s normal, as long as you don’t get creepy and start asking a friend to call the person, pretending to be an IRS agent or cop. 

That said, Tinder dating tips don’t end here. If you want more content like this, check out our other posts right here, right now!

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