The Terrifying Truth About Women and Drugs

//The Terrifying Truth About Women and Drugs
  • Women and Drugs

Did you know that drugs do not affect only men? 

In fact, a study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered that over 19.5 million women have used illicit drugs in the past year in the United States. 

Studies also continue to show that there are prevalent gender differences among men and women when it comes to pain tolerance. Women report feeling more chronic pain than men do throughout their lifetime. Drugs do not discriminate. 

Keep reading this post to learn more information regarding a few issues women face concerning drugs and ultimately drug abuse.

Women May Have Stronger Drug Cravings Than Men

Consider the brain differences between men and women.

The biological differences between men and women indicate how hormones affect drug cravings. Women’s brains react differently when drugs are involved because of biological differences. The drugs are absorbed differently within women’s bodies and are metabolized much faster. 

Women may also take smaller doses of drugs, but they can experience even stronger cravings as women are less sensitive to the effects of the drugs on their bodies.  

Sex hormones can also be listed as one reason why women experience more drug cravings than men. These powerful sex hormones can impact how a woman operates on a day to day basis. 

Gender-specific treatment may be a good place to start to help women get clean and more research needs to be conducted to find solutions to the issues women face with drugs. 

Drug Issues Women Face Can Start With Gateway Drugs Like Marijuana

Some of the time women begin experimenting with drugs like marijuana before they desire any other form. Marijuana has both recreational and medicinal uses. 

Women who start out using marijuana often find other drugs to help them cope with stress and feed their addiction.

Marijuana is referred to as a gateway drug because it can open doors for women to experiment with even more dangerous drugs, like cocaine. How long does cocaine stay in your system? It can stay in your body for up to 60 minutes depending on how it’s consumed. 

Women Who Experience Mental Illness Are Likely to Take Up Drugs

Another reason why women may face issues with drug abuse includes problems with mental illness. Women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety because of stressors in their lives, such as raising children and living through incidents of trauma. 

Over 60 percent of women report having an anxiety disorder. Drugs can be tools to help a woman battle her anxiety and feel more at peace. However, it’s not a good idea for a woman to be dependent on drugs to self-treat mental health problems. 

Want More Facts on Drug Addiction?

The issues women face concerning drug abuse may strike a chord with your own personal struggles. Our articles on health and wellness will give you the information you need to learn more about drug addiction. Why not start the new year off with a better outlook on your wellbeing?

We also offer resources on how you can find a detox center to get clean once and for all in 2019. 

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