The Productive Planning Guide for Every Woman Hustler

//The Productive Planning Guide for Every Woman Hustler
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Did you know exercise can boost your thinking and memory skills? If you want some more tips on how to increase productivity, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the ultimate productive planning guide.

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Give Yourself Time to Plan Your Week

You’ll want to pencil in at least 15 minutes each morning to plan out your day. You can create an outline of things you must complete first. These are the items that are a priority to finish.

Add items that you can work on once you finish your priority items. As you work, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to go on your priority list.

If you don’t create a schedule, the items on your to-do list won’t get completed. When you live by a calendar, you will be able to see at a glance what’s coming up and when it’s due.

You will stay on track with all your meetings and appointments.

When Are You the Most Productive?

To maximize productivity, discover when you’re the most productive throughout the day. Some people feel productive in the morning, while others feel energized at night.

Start tracking in a journal when you feel energized and awake. Use that time to get most of your work done. Using your most productive times of the day will help you get your work done.

If you have a mundane task that you need to get done, try to complete it when your energy level is the highest. Things will go faster, and you will finish this task right away.

You should also try to complete creative tasks when your energy level is high.

Create an Email System 

Stay organized and create a system for incoming emails, messages, and new tasks.

Most items will come through your email. You can create folders in your email and put the emails into the various folders.

Finish quick tasks as soon as you get the email. If you get junk mail, send it to the trash. Are there items you can ask someone else to complete? Send your co-worker or friend the email.

Finally, you can set aside some emails to respond to at a later time.

Choose a Workspace

If you work from home, choose a dedicated work office. Some people might make the mistake of staying in their pajamas while working and sitting on a couch.

You need to decide on a corner for your work. Create a workspace at your kitchen table or add a desk to the guest room.

Make sure you have a designated workspace that’s separate from your home. You will be more productive.

What Are Your Working Hours?

Next, you’ll need to decide on your working hours if you work from home. To prevent yourself from working outside of typical hours, set a regular schedule.

If you tend to work from nine to five, try to do the same at home. Anything after or before those hours will need to wait until your next workday.

Otherwise, your work-life balance will blur. You won’t be as productive and could feel exhausted all the time.

Don’t Watch the Clock

Once you have set your hours, don’t obsess about counting down the hours. Focus on your task at hand.

To boost your productivity, consider timing yourself, and work for 20-minute intervals. Take a five-minute break, and then continue onward for another 20 minutes.

Get Rid of Distractions

When you’re working, you’ll want to remove distractions. Put your phone away. Disconnect from the internet on your laptop while you’re working.

This way, you won’t have any dings or phone calls interrupting your focus. Set a time throughout the day to check your email and phone.

Add Breaks to Your Schedule

To maximize your productivity at work, you’ll want to take advantage of breaks. Often, people end up working for an extended period without taking a lunch or bathroom break.

Pencil in a few short breaks throughout your day. Go out for a quick coffee, bring your dog for a short walk, or do a few stretches in the office.

Log Out of Work

Make sure you create boundaries between your work and personal life. After you have finished your shift for the day, you’ll want to log off. Don’t check your work email throughout the night while watching television.

Recharge and rest before your new workday. You will have a clear head space for the next day if you give yourself a chance to rest.

Take Care of Your Health

A lot of employers focus on wellness programs to help workers identify any health risks. Employees can get treatment and improve their exercise and diet habits.

Focusing on your health can help you improve your productivity. When you feel your best, you can focus on your work. A lot of people go to work unwell because they have untreated illnesses.

See your doctor throughout the year and keep up with dental appointments. If you’re looking for health insurance, learn more about the alternatives to cobra.

Now You Have a Productive Planning Guide

We hope this productive game plan was helpful. Take your time to create a schedule that works best for you. Learn when you’re the most productive throughout the day.

Now that you know these productive planning tips start transforming your work life.

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