The Only Wedding Day Checklist You Need for a Perfect Ceremony

//The Only Wedding Day Checklist You Need for a Perfect Ceremony
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With the average wedding cost at $35,329, you’ll want to plan ahead to save yourself money for your honeymoon or starter home.

Whether you’re organized or not, you need a checklist for wedding day sanity, particularly to avoid last-minute, expensive substitutions in caterers or reception venues.

Read on for a helpful checklist of wedding necessities.

A Checklist for Wedding Day Bliss

When you sit down to create a checklist for wedding day festivities, you should do so shortly after your engagement. Putting off planning will only cost you, both in dollars and happiness.

Make a Budget

No matter who is paying for the wedding, you have to start with dollars and cents. Dreams are expensive, even simple ones. Setting a budget from the beginning will be your deciding factor on tough choices later on. This highest on the list of wedding necessities for your special day.

Plan the Guest List

After you and your partner have set a budget, you’ll know how many guests you can afford to invite. Feeding large numbers of people is expensive, and this will help you narrow down who you have to invite versus who you may be unsure about inviting.

Set the Date

To keep costs down, as well as work around any major life events, setting the date is crucial. You want your wedding day to conflict with major holidays or significant birthdays unless that is part of your plan. 

If your checklist for wedding day bliss includes a date on or around the holidays, planning in advance is even more important to iron out venues and vendors.

Location Investigation

When setting the date, your wedding ceremony and reception venues, if popular, may not coordinate with the date in mind. It’s important to plan ahead to avoid landing a venue you consider less than essential.

Interview Vendors

Even at the smallest of weddings, vendors are a must. From music and food to decorations and a wedding car hire for a stylish, retro exit, you’ll have to hire professionals. Make sure to follow possible vendors on social media to see their work in action.

The “Day Of” Wedding Checklist

One for her, one for him, and one for both. This is the last list you’ll have to worry about for a little while: the actual checklist for the wedding day. 

Make sure you have all of your wedding day essentials checked off so you can enjoy your day without total chaos.

The Last Thing on Your List

Enjoy your wedding day! All of this planning and organizing and stressing over details is over. With the wedding actually going on, whether things are going according to plan or not, it’s important to remember to have a good time. 

Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself, even if the day isn’t how you pictured it. Make the most of the beginning of the rest of your life. With a planned and thought-out checklist for wedding day bliss, you’ll be sure to enjoy your day.

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