The Dudes Abide: 2019 Wedding Trends for the Dudes in Your Life

//The Dudes Abide: 2019 Wedding Trends for the Dudes in Your Life
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Did you know in 2016 there were over 2 million weddings?

It’s no wonder there are so many people looking for what’s hot this year in the wedding world.

Planning a wedding this year? Make sure your groom looks his best.

Check out these 2019 wedding trends for your groom’s attire.

The Dudes Abide: 2019 Wedding Trends for the Dudes in Your Life

Every bride thinks about her wedding dress from the moment she begins planning her wedding. But she might’ve not spent as much time thinking about what her groom will wear. If you’re looking for a little extra help suit hire experts will always be on standby to help the groom choose the right suit.

Men’s fashion changes as often as women’s styles do. When it comes to what’s hot for 2019 wedding trends we got you covered.

Super Formal Attire

This year guys are ready to get dressed up nice and fancy. Slick and upscale three-piece tuxedos will be seen at weddings this year. The super formal attire will fit in almost all wedding styles.

Bright and Bold

Past seasons navy, greys, and blacks were the classic color of choice. This year brighter bolder colors are taking over. Grooms are choosing colors to make a statement on their big day.

Grooms are choosing from vibrant colors such as green, purple, and burgundy. These louder colors can be worn as accent pieces or full wedding suits.

Brighter bolder colors are for trendy grooms or groomsmen. If you want the groom to be bright and bold to match you then this option might be best for you.


This jacket on this wedding suit has a pointed bottom in the front and longer in the back. Tailcoats look great on tall slim grooms. This outfit creates a mix of elegant, romantic, and sophisticated.

The common color shirt to use is white along with a bow tie with your choice of color.


This trend is giving the groom the opportunity to show off their personalities. Floral, fun, bold patterns are making menswear more eye-catching. This trend is very different from the classic solid traditional wedding suit style.

Grooms are tying in their patterns with a matching piece for their groomsmen. They have the option of wearing a patterned tie or handkerchief that matches the groom’s wedding suit pattern.

Military Style Suits

This trend means wearing things like the heading implies in military style. This style implies having jackets with metal buttons or tight cotton trousers. Many fashion designers are using similar military elements in their clothing pieces.

Mix and Match

Another wedding trend this year is mix and matched suits. Some grooms are choosing to mix and match colors like burgundies and other bright tones, or black and blues. Other grooms are mix and matching different wedding suit styles and different ties.

Open Collars

This wedding suit trend gives the wedding a casual feel. This is a perfect look for those couples just looking to say “I Do” with a small, short wedding.


There are options when it comes to texture. These include soft velvets and tweed. Keep in mind there’s a fine line between yes and no when it comes to tweed.

Texture fabrics are elevating the traditional wedding suit and tie because they have a warm and inviting appearance. There are options of fabrics with an ombre effect, floral print, or flower applique. When choosing texture, you’ll want something that fits the theme of the wedding.

Slim Fit

Fitted wedding suits are a fashion trend for 2019. It’s important to make sure it’s appropriate for your wedding and if it fits the groom’s body shape. The slim fit look goes from top to bottom.

Straight or tapered trousers are whats in but this style has to mirror from the waist up. Slim jackets will emphasize the chest and shoulders. This look will show off a masculine, athletic silhouette.


Vintage wedding suits can be in any print, color, and material. It’s appropriate for the suit to contain silk lining, cuffs, and embroidery on collars. A tailcoat or classic jacket will give the natural vintage suit look.

If the wedding had a vintage theme then a specific time era for the wedding suit would be classy.

Bright Inserts and Unusual Cuts

2019 is the year of bright color inserts and lapels for wedding suits. There are blazers with unusual cuts and patchwork which are a popular choice for grooms. These unusual cuts and patchwork are able to emphasize figure features and hide some figure flaws.


Stripes are another wedding suit trend in 2019. When choosing stripes the suit should be elegant and go in harmony with the bride’s outfit. Satin stripes on trousers are another fashion trend this year.

To complete the stipe suit look the shoes should be matte instead of lacquer. This will complement the outfit and not reduce the price of the suit.

Printed Suits

Print jackets are part of the wedding trends 2019. There are checkered jackets that are being worn or fabrics with other prints on them. Prints you might see include newspaper drawings and vertical stripes.

This trend choice will allow the groom to voice their expression and will also allow him to stand out. You’ll want to make sure the printed jacket accompanies plain-colored pants to keep a stylish wedding look.


If the groom isn’t tall then the two-button model is the best option. The unique feature of the double-breasted suit trend is that it has two rows of buttons. This trend achieves the following:

  • Modern style
  • Emphasize torso
  • Sense of freedom

Is the Groom Ready to Say I Do?

With so many 2019 wedding trends to choose from, there is something for everyone. If the bride’s look depends on so many details such as shoes, hair, and bouquet the groom’s outfit plays an important role too.

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