The Best Baby Gates for Safety and Style

//The Best Baby Gates for Safety and Style
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Once your baby starts to crawl and, eventually, walk, your life is never the same again. Suddenly, turning your back for just a second can lead to all sorts of potential calamities.

From having to fish toys out of the toilet to dealing with much more serious accidents and injuries, you never know what can happen when a toddler is unattended.

Thankfully, a few well-placed baby gates can keep your child safe and give you a ton of much-needed peace of mind. Even better, today’s best baby gates are designed to complement your home’s aesthetic.

When child gates are well-designed, it’s easy to cordon of almost every room in your home. Here’s a quick look at what to look for when choosing a baby gate and our round-up of the most functional and stylish gates on the market today.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Gates

We’ll get to our list in just a moment, but first, it’s helpful to understand the criteria we used to determine what exactly goes into choosing the best baby safety gates. Here are a few of the most important characteristics to consider:

  • Quality – a sturdy gate made of safe, high-quality materials is a must
  • Ease-of-Use – the gate should be easy to install and easy to operate
  • Safety Measures – additional features like childproof latches and an automatic closing system can improve the gate’s safety
  • Versatility – some parents prefer gates that are expandable, can be held open, or have other features that make them more versatile for everyday use
  • Style – although not completely necessary, many parents prefer a gate that won’t take away from the look of their homes
  • Cost – prices vary depending on the gate’s features and it’s easy to find gates to fit almost any budget

It’s also important to consider where the gate will be used, and for what purpose. If you have a home with stairs, you’ll definitely want to block them off with gates. Many parents also choose to use gates to block off the kitchen and/or hallways that lead to bathrooms.

This is critical, as these spaces are usually full of cleaning products and other toxic items that could seriously hurt your child. While adding childproof latches to cupboards and buying safe cleaning products from companies like are important measures, a baby gate will give you an extra level of security.

Each different use can sometimes warrant a different type of gate.

The Top 5 Baby Gates Available in 2020

Without further ado, let’s dive into our selections for the best baby gates available to buy right now. Each of these serves different purposes, so you may find that you need more than one.

1. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate

Most people have memories of having to climb over old-school baby gates. Not only is this inconvenient, but it’s also dangerous!

The Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate swings open so you can easily get through. Even better, it’s easy to open with one hand so you won’t run into a problem when you’re carrying your baby or a basket full of laundry. It’s also versatile – it comes in 6 different widths and you can choose whether you want it to open inward or outward.

You can get your hands on this gate for just over $50.

2. Kidko Safeway Top of Stair Baby Gate

If you have a home with stairs, a stairway gate is a must. This one is hardware-mounted, which reduces the chances of tripping over the bottom bar found on pressure-mounted gates.

It also has a quick-release feature so you can easily remove the entire gate if you need to (for example, if you’re moving furniture). It’s perfect for the top of the stairs and can also be used in hallways. One drawback is that it’s not self-closing, so you’ll need to make sure you shut it tight behind you.

This is a moderately-priced gate, coming in at just about $50.

3. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Hardware Mount Baby Gate

Another popular option my Munchkin, this gate is super modern-looking so it will go well with many different types of décor. It’s made of durable aluminum and the gate swings in both directions. It’s adjustable to fit openings from 26.5 to 50 inches wide.

While very stylish, this gate does come with a fairly hefty price tag. It will set you back about $160.

4. Summer Infant Multi-Uses Decorative Walk-Through Gate

An equally stylish gate without the large price tag, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate features a bronze arch and looks like it’s meant to be part of a home’s décor.

It’s almost three feet high, which will deter even the most determined climbers. The extra height also means less bending over for the adults in the household. The door swings both ways and the gate also has an auto-close feature.

This gate costs about $60.

5. Qdos Crystal Hardware Mount Gate

Do you want your baby gate to be as unobtrusive as possible? Check out the Qdos Crystal Hardware Mount Gate. It’s wall-mounted and made of professional-grade acrylic. The result is a gate that you can barely tell is there.

You can choose whether you want the gate to swing in both directions or only one way, which makes it versatile enough to use in hallways, doorways, or the top of stairs. The drawbacks are that it’s pretty pricy (about $200) you’ll need to take some extra effort to keep the acrylic clean.

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