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If you’re among the 36 million American “yogis” then you know how beneficial this ancient art is to both body and mind. 

And we have news for you! If you’re looking for an unforgettable yoga experience, a vacation, and a break from the states, then a yoga retreat to Australia is right for you.

So pack your bags and read on! We’ve got a recommendation on 7 yoga retreats for wherever you find yourself in Australia.

1. Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats, Sydney

The Happy Buddha yoga retreat offers a 2-night stay in their peaceful oasis just outside Sydney.

Visitors enjoy 5+ yoga classes, guided meditations, drum circle sessions, and leisure time to enjoy the grounds and amenities.

The retreat is all inclusive. So homemade vegetarian meals are provided.

2. Samadhi Retreat, Melbourne

Just an hour drive from the Melbourne airport is Samadhi Retreat.

Samadhi’s unique approach to healing offers packages suited to your specific needs with titles like “Relationship Renewal Retreat”, “Professional Burnout Retreat”, “Chronic Fatigue Retreat”, and more.

In addition to restorative yoga, visitors benefit from sound healing, color therapy, crystal and polarized light therapy, dream therapy and, guided visualization. 

3. Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland

Nestled in an Australian rainforest is the tranquil Silky Oaks Lodge. Daily yoga sessions are serenaded by the sounds of the forest, rustling leaves, trickling water, birds, and other animals.

Year-round services mean you can escape at your leisure to enjoy a healing experience in the jungle. 

4. Gaia Retreat and Spa, Byron Bay

Gaia is home to a full-service spa equipped for day visits. But the real experience comes from booking a retreat. 

They offer various lengths as well as mother-daughter, honeymoon, couples, and solo retreats.

Yoga sessions occur every morning, and the rest of the day is yours to relax or enjoy the spa.

5. Gwinganna, Gold Coast

Gwinganna is a lifestyle retreat that offers packages from 2-7 nights.

Their famous 3-night yoga retreat includes several yoga sessions throughout each day. It also includes a full body massage.

The facilities include everything you would expect from a full-service spa as well as tennis courts.

6. Qualia, Hamilton Island

Qualia offers group yoga sessions at dusk at the onsite pavilion or the nearby yacht club. The resort also offers one-on-one sessions with a yoga instructor.

While you’re not enjoying vinyasa flow, you can experience all of the beauty that Hamilton Island has to offer.

7. Eden Health Retreat, Currumbin Valley

Eden Health Retreat employs yoga and organic nutrition to provide visitors a truly healing experience.

Located in the Currumbin Valley, it provides a secluded, tranquil experience reminiscent of Eden itself.

In addition to yoga, visitors can participate in hiking, cardio boxing, and even ziplining.


An Australian yoga retreat will be the perfect gift to yourself this year. Your body and mind will thank you for the healing, rest, and peace.

Which of these yoga retreats did you add to your travel bucket list? 

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