Frugal Fittings: 5 Tips for Buying Kids Clothes On a Budget

//Frugal Fittings: 5 Tips for Buying Kids Clothes On a Budget
  • buying kids clothes on a budget

Does your child need new clothes, again?

Children grow at an incredible rate. This can lead you to spend an insane amount of money on buying kids clothes.

However, you do not need to break the bank to clothe your kiddos. Learn how to dress your children nicely on a budget.

5 Pointers for Buying Kids Clothes on a Budget

Think thrifty! Keep reading to learn how to save money on clothes for children.

1. Get Crafty

Do you ever come across the cutest clothes, and then feel like fainting when you flip the price tag?

Buy clothes for kids that look plain and cost less. You can then get crafty to jazz up the look!

Add style to plain, cheap clothing by:

  • Making your own patches
  • Cutting and tying tee shirts
  • Hot gluing rhinestones
  • Embroidering yourself
  • Creating a worn look in plain denim

Anything they can do, you can do cheaper. Get your inspiration from the designers and then look to the internet to learn how to recreate the look.

2. Go to Garage Sales

You do not need to buy everything new. Browse garage sales for great deals.

Nobody says you need to buy the stuff that looks worn. Search for the hidden gems.

Sometimes people overstock on their kid’s clothing and things get left hanging with tags. Other times, the kids grow so quickly that they wear something once. You especially want to garage sale for items your child will wear once, like holiday dresses and suits.

3. Sign Up for Sales

Sometimes you want the brand name, and that’s okay. But, you can do so without paying full price.

Sign up for mailing lists. This will allow you to save money on clothing by alerting you to sales. They may even send you coupons and exclusive offers!

Also, sign up for rewards. This works a little bit differently than sales, but you still save. For instance, sign up for Catamini rewards, and buying a precious girl’s coat will add points towards future savings on other stylish apparel!

4. Stock Up

When you see a sale, splurge! Buy multiple colors of the same tyle shirt or pants.

Also, think ahead. When buying clothes for kids, grab sizes they will grow into as well if the price is right.

With a great deal at the end of the season, simply stock up on items for the following year. You will save incredible money buying ahead.

5. Buy a Little Big

Some clothes need to fit just right, but others, you can buy a little big for children, without making them look sloppy.

You should not put your kid in sneakers or jeans two sizes too big. However, you can buy sweatshirts, sweatpants, and jackets with room for them to grow. This will allow more time for them to wear them.

Thrifty Is the New Chic

Nobody needs to know how much you paid or saved. It’s not a competition. Buying kids clothes should simply fulfill a basic need without breaking your bank account.

You can dress your child in style and pay less by following these tips. Read more style tips on our website!

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