The Sweet Life: How To Throw the Ultimate Afternoon Tea

//The Sweet Life: How To Throw the Ultimate Afternoon Tea
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If you’re looking for a fun and classy party idea for your next girl’s get-together, fundraiser, or other events, an afternoon tea is a great choice.

Not only is it a unique party idea, but it’s also a great opportunity to get creative without having to spend a ton of money throwing a big event.

But if you want an afternoon tea that your guests will love, you need to do a little planning first. Keep reading to learn how to throw the perfect tea party.

Pick a Theme

When you’re planning a special afternoon tea get-together that you want your guests to remember, the most important step is to pick a theme.

Choosing a theme will make it easy to ensure that all of the elements of your afternoon tea, from the decor to the food, fits together well. It’ll also help give your event a polished, chic feeling that is sure to be hit with your friends.

You want to choose a theme that fits the atmosphere that you’re going for. For instance, if you want your event to be a laid-back affair between friends, skip the English garden theme and choose something less formal.

But if you expect your guests to dress up or you plan on serving tea and snacks on your finest china, then a more formal theme might be just the ticket.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, look for accents that complement it, but avoid overdoing it.

For instance, that English garden theme would look great with plenty of fresh flowers and pastel plates. But choosing dinnerware, napkins, and decorations adorned with petals will leave your guests overwhelmed.

Send Out Invites

Unless you throw a weekly afternoon tea, this is likely a special event for you and your guests. Commemorate it by going old-fashioned and sending out paper invites.

Not only will this make your guests feel special, but it will also set the mood for your tea. Make sure that your invites reflect your theme. If you expect your guests to dress a certain way, mention it on your invites.

Invitations are also a great way to request an RSVP from guests that can attend. This will make it easier for you to plan to have enough food, tea, and seats for your guests while avoiding some waste.

Your invitations don’t have to be wedding-quality. You can easily purchase or even make inexpensive invitations.

Set the Scene

While your guests are sure to enjoy sipping tea and munching on snacks, it’s the decor that they’re most likely to remember. Be sure to make it one that will be a pleasant memory for years to come.

An afternoon tea is a great opportunity to get crafty and create some Instagram-ready backdrops and decorations. Colorful pennants, sparkly banners, and fresh bouquets are all great choices.

Don’t neglect your dinnerware or food displays either.

Rather than piling cookies and other treats on plates, considering buying or making stands to display them on.

Don’t have floral china to use? Cute plates, even if they’re paper, add a touch of class and make your afternoon tea even more fun for your guests.

Feeling lost figuring out how to decorate for your tea? Pinterest is a great place to find some inspiration and even DIY guides for making your own cute decorations.

Don’t Neglect the Details

Putting up a few decorations and choosing the right foods will give you a fun event that guests will enjoy. But if you want to create something truly memorable, put a little extra effort into the details.

Creating cute menus, giving each guest a name card, or decorating your food to match your color scheme are all simple tasks that can help take your entire event to the next level!

Brew a Proper Tea

If you’ve never brewed a proper cup of tea before, now is the time to learn. The last thing you want to do is ruin your party with watery, flavor-less tea.

To brew a proper cup, start by heating water in a teapot on the stove, rather than in the microwave or using a coffee maker. Add your tea bags of choice directly to the water.

Or, get even fancier with a scoop of loose tea. Whichever option you choose, be sure to give you tea time to properly steep before you pour it.

If you want to offer more variety to your guests and don’t want to buy multiple teapots, you can heat the water and keep the tea bags separate. Then, your guests can choose the tea they want and add the bag to their own cup.

Provide Some Variety

While tea cookies and finger sandwiches arranged on china plates are picture-perfect, they rarely taste as good as they look.

While it’s fine to include these at your own tea party, if you want your guests to leave with a satisfied stomach, it’s a good idea to provide some variety.

Think beyond traditional tea party foods, and consider ideas that your guests will love, and that will be easy to share while sipping your teas.

Chips and dips, sandwiches topped with something more substantial than cucumbers, and other finger foods are all great choices. You could even forgo a meal and opt for a dessert bar instead.

Or, get creative and offer something that is sure to impress your guests. Fondue by Fondudes, for instance, is a fun and tasty way to offer something that looks great and is easy to share.

Planning the Perfect Afternoon Tea

With a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can host a fun tea party that your guests are sure to enjoy!

If you want another great way to prepare for your role as hostess, check out this article next. You’ll learn about a few of the traits that classy women share. Then, put those traits to good use at your tea.

Along with the right outfit, you’ll look and feel classy, and leave a lasting impression on your friends.

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