Sunday Photo: It’s Tea Time!

//Sunday Photo: It’s Tea Time!

It’s Sunday which means it is time to relax! And what better way of relaxing than drinking a cup of tea?

There is no need of saying why drinking tea instead of other beverages is better for you. The mood, the health, the lifestyle, there are all connected with these amazing leaves or fruits.

I have started my morning with goji berry green tea and continued with some energy tea with yerba mate and guarana. But whatever you might choose, it will be perfect for you!


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My advice: take the most precious cup that you have, the one that your mother is saving for the queen of England -which by the way, might never drink from it- and pour some precious relaxing tea. Whether you read a book, a magazine, the newspaper or write your book, your journal, your dreams or simply sit on the porch and dream with eyes wide open, think about the beauty surrounding you, feel blessed and thankful for living an amazing life, a cup of tea is your best friend.

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I am repeating myself: It is Sunday! Do not spend it in front of the TV or Facebook or Pinterest, Do something for yourself, enjoy the tea and think how awesome the new week will be and what you want to accomplish.

Have a great Sunday and an amazing week!


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