Sunday Photo: How To Make Packing Easier & Faster

//Sunday Photo: How To Make Packing Easier & Faster

Hello from Belgium,

This Sunday I really wanted to talk about the one-thing-we-hate-about-travellingpacking! I love traveling, but I hate packing, because I need to come up with outfits ideas, check the weather, take only a few items, take only 2-3 pairs of shoes (lately!) – until this year, I would take with me at least 5 pairs: sneakers, boots, high-heeled ankle boots, flats, flip flops- take only a few beauty products, few accessories, one bottle of perfume (i’d always take two or three) and the list goes on.

It takes me about two days to fully pack for one week. But ironically enough, every year I went to USA (for 4 months) i only had a few hours to pack everything and I always ended up with not enough clothes (a different story here, I was always counting on having enough space in my luggage for my return, because i love shopping in New York). Anyways, for me packing it is hard, but not impossible!



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And i found this…

Louis Vuitton! Their new approach to selling pieces of luggage is Awesome! They created videos on how to pack efficiently. I am in awe for this, because i learned 2 years ago how to roll my clothes, but Louis Vuitton showed me new ways for packing shirts and jackets – really grateful!

And if you want to see what do i mean with ‘Two days of packing’ have fun seeing this picture. I gathered a few items and come up with different outfits, using only one pair of boots and one pair of Chuck Taylor Sneakers, one jacket and only one necklace.

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