Studioa Laend Phuekit – Interleaving Two Cultures

//Studioa Laend Phuekit – Interleaving Two Cultures


Everything changes so quickly you know, and in fashion that statement sounds more true than ever. Just look at the merry-go-round fashion shows over each year and the numerous designers’ collections. The annual fashion cycle consists of more than just two seasons: pre-seasonal, resort or cruise, couture and actual S/S and A/W. No wonder consumers are baffled by the many definitions of one season and also by the idea of a current trend. This is one of the reasons why the savvy and more intellectual customer averts from buying seasonal pieces, instead she is looking for stand-out, statement pieces having a unique presence and appeal. In the sea of designers’ names and fashion labels it becomes really authentic to find a new name, a rising star that can offer something a bit undone, with its own raw and innocent charm, a style promise and something that speaks only to you.


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Studio Laend Phuegkit is definitely one of these names that finds the right language for the young urban intellectual who has a taste for exotic prints and likes airy lose materials which don’t restrict the movements of the body. Laend Phuekit creates pieces for women with free spirit and his asymmetric but simple cuts reveal the natural grace and sex appeal of the woman. The designer likes to play with vibrant colours reflecting in nature and fuses Asian with European patterns.


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Studio Laend Phuengkit, was launched in 2010. The Zurich-born designer is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Insitute for Fashion-Design and now living in Berlin. In 2011 he won the renowned ‘Swiss Design Award’ and currently is presenting his collections during Mercedes Benz Fashion weeks in Zurich and Berlin.

Now I will let Laend take over here:

1. How did you become a designer?

I was born a designer 🙂

2. How many people work behind the name Laend?

There are four people who create new collections for the catwalk in our design office in Berlin every season. Additionally, we also produce in our family workshop in Thailand, where we also manufacture collections for other labels.

3. Describe the creative process? What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

Random things inspire me like sitting in the train or waiting at the airport… In the FAN_DAN_GO S/S 2014 collection two art forms collide. The documentation «Paris is burning» records the homosexual ball-scene in New York City of the late 80ies and picks out the question of race and gender as a central theme. «Vogueing», a dance style which is known for its linear and right-angled arm and leg moves, developed in this scene.
My second inspiration is the «Khon-Dance» of the traditional Thai dance theater. This dance was originally performed only for the royal court.
Both art forms serve to visualize feelings, mimic, gestures and actions. This also reflects in my new collection.

4. One of your extravagances is …..

When I had a nice chat with Terry Richardson in 2011 during the Berlin Fashion Week at an after show party.

5. The perfect woman you design for is ……

In fashion design the cut is what makes one piece fit a body perfectly. Nevertheless, I am sure that a woman is, or feels, perfect when she finds the suitable shoes, handbag and make-up for her look. Then she is perfect, because she radiates it.

6. Which one is the ultimate fashion capital of today?

Currently Bangkok. There are so many great labels and designer, not discovered yet, aside from the delicious food and the affordable large shopping malls.

7. If you could ….. you would ……

If I could open my own Flagship Store tomorrow, I would immediately do it – but hopefully this will not only stay a dream…

8. What époque you would live in and why?

I would live in Dadaism or in the Modern, because I like to break conventions and I am a freedom lover.

9. The one thing you will take with you on a deserted island

It is a person, a very close one.


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